Air Moldova flying with pets

Does Air Moldova allow passengers to travel with pets?

Passengers may travel with pets on Air Moldova flights. However, because of special conditions concerning the transportation of pets, Air Moldova doesn’t accept pets on flights to/from Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, and United Arab Emirates.

What pets are accepted on Air Moldova flights?

Air Moldova accepts only dogs and cats and only if the transportation of the pet has been prior confirmed by the airline. Pets may be carried in special cages only in the passenger cabin.

Air Moldova does not allow pets to travel as checked baggage.

Pets in the Cabin

If you intend to travel with a pet, you must inform Air Moldova when making the reservation or at least 24 hours before the flight departure. Acceptance of pets is done only on condition that you sign a special declaration at departure assuming full responsibility for your pet. Air Moldova shall not be liable for the injury, loss, or death of your pet, as well as if your pet is denied entry into or passage through any country.

When traveling with your pet, you must provide the following documents: pet passport, health certificate, vaccination certificate, and export/import/transit permits. The animal must have a microchip or a visible tattoo. Passengers who are traveling with their pets to EU countries from a non-EU country must fulfill the EU requirements for pets transportation. It is also recommended to contact Chisinau Airport veterinary service before the flight.

The pet must be clean, healthy, harmless and must not be pregnant. It must travel in a suitable, well-ventilated cage. The maximum weight of the pet, including the cage must not exceed 8 kg. The sum of the dimensions of the cage must not exceed 115 cm (25 x 40 x 50 cm).


Pets are not included in the free baggage allowance. Air Moldova charges a fee of EUR 40 for transportation of pets.

Guide Dogs

Passengers with reduced mobility traveling accompanied by Guide Dogs must notify Air Moldova upon booking. Guide Dogs accompanied by a certificate that proves their status are accepted on board free of charge. Depending on the type of aircraft, weight and size restrictions may apply. Guide Dogs are not carried in cages, but must be muzzled and have a lead.

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