Aerolineas Argentinas flying with babies

Are there any restrictions for babies traveling on Aerolineas Argentinas flights?

All infants must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians. The baby should be at least 8 days of life since the flights are not advisable for newborn babies up to 7 days of life.

When does Aerolineas Argentinas require a separate seat for my baby?

When flying with an infant (babies up to 2 years of age), you don’t have to reserve a separate seat for your baby. Only one infant can travel with each adult passenger.

Infants are not entitled to their own seats, but a separate seat may be requested for the infant, and the child fare will be charged. You must bring and use a safety car seat in which your infant to travel. However, due to safety reasons, Aerolineas Argentinas requests that the parents must hold their infants in their arms during take-off, landing and while the seat belt signs are on.

You have to purchase a ticket and reserve a seat only for children 2 years of age and older. If your child turns 2 years old during the trip, you have two options: buy a round trip ticket with the child fare with the right to sit in a seat on both flights, or buy two separate tickets with the infant fare for the outbound flight (no seat) and with the child fare for the return flight.


Booking and Fare

When traveling on domestic flights, there is no fare charged for the baby, and the infant must sit on the parent’s lap (the infant won’t have the right to occupy a seat). If the flight is regional or international, the parent must pay a fare that is equivalent to a 10% of the adult fare plus taxes and surcharges and, as on domestic flights, the child will have to sit on the parent’s lap and will not have the right to occupy a seat.

During check-in, a passenger traveling with an infant will be assigned a seat with two oxygen masks. Adult passengers traveling with a lap baby may not sit in an exit row seat. It is important to remember to bring all the passengers IDs, birth and marriage certificates as a way to prove filiation.

Baggage Allowance

When traveling to or from Argentina, you can bring as a carry-on baggage a carrycot and the food the baby is going to consume during the flight.

On domestic flights, infants have no checked baggage allowance.

On regional and international, infants that are not occupying a seat can check one bag that doesn’t exceed 115 cm and 10 kg.

On all flights, parents may transport free of charge a collapsible stroller or push-chair that may be transported in the cabin subject to availability.

Infant Amenities

If you’re traveling with an infant that weighs up to 10 kg (22 lbs) and is under 70 cm (27 inches) in length, you may request a bassinet for your baby. This reservation must be requested 24 hours before the flight’s departure, and it’s only available if you are flying on an Airbus A330 200 or A340 300.

You can also request, at least 72 hours before the flight’s departure, meals for infants and children under 12 years old. Special meals are only available on some flights. It is advisable to check the availability of flights with special meals.


Children 2 years of age and older must travel with their parents and will have to occupy a seat, for which the applicable child fare must be paid. If the child is accompanied by both parents and traveling on a regional or international flight, pertinent documents showing the filiation (marriage document or birth certificate) must be provided. If a child is leaving the country without parents, or with only one of them, a travel authorization, legalized by a notary public or judge, is required.

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