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Premium Economy Class36"18"47
Economy Class33"17"241

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ToHiguey - Punta Cana International (PUJ)
1A/1C out - 1G/1J back (identical seats both ways)Leg room in these seat is more than ample for me (5ft 4) and my partner (5ft 10), and these seats come with a leg rest rather than a foot rest, which I personally prefer. Seat recline was good, but aware that you are taking space from those behind (my teenage kids in this case) so did not fully recline, but still was comfortable. TV Screen was on a leg and popped up from the central arm rest. USB ports in the screen and 3 pin socket in the central arm rest. Head phones were very comfortable to wear. You get a pillow and blanket along along with a comfort pack (but only on the way out, so hold onto it for your return journey). Though these seat are located near the toilets and galley area, I was not disturbed at all ( someone mentioned in a previous post that their were people constantly queueing for toilets) but as there are two toilets in the premier area which can only be used by those in premier, I can't see this is ever a problem. Being located at the front meant you got served first thus getting your first choice from the menu!

Entertainment was a little limited compared to other airlines, but enough to keep me happy. My kids however were disappointed with the choice available.

Meals I can highly recommend, we had the evening meal and breakfast, along with an afternoon tea and lunch. Snacks of popcorn and crips, and apparently Ice Cream (but I was asleep, so missed it) Ample drinks and you only needed to ask for more when required. More than enough overhead luggage room and the size and weight of ours was not checked at anytime unlike some other airlines. No1 Lounge in Gatwick was the perfect start to our holiday with fast track through check in and security making everything very slick. Fast track check in but no lounge at Punta Cana (food and drink are pretty expensive too as is the duty free).

All in all very impressed with Tui premier service (1st time I have flown with them) and the seats we had. Service was excellent and they were all very friendly. Would defiantly fly with them again.
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FromLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
ToLiberia - Daniel Oduber International (LIR)
30b/c out and 10H/j back
Going out the seats were probably the seats with the most leg room on the whole plane, but the open space was a mecca for passengers to use as space to stand around, a simple solution was to spread out with our hand luggage building some space around us, the other issue was the toilet door, bang bang bang, right through the flight. We booked two seats and were pleased to see that the third seat wasn't taken so we could take a seat either side giving us both two arm rests, which was good, as the seats at 17" are narrow. The other problem I had was I'm not slim, and the fold out table was just too close to me to be of any use, so luckily I had the table next to me to use when the meals came.
On the return we were not so lucky as all 3 seats were taken, but although we had less space in front of us, the leg room was more than enough, and putting my neck cushion inside the magazine rack on the wall in front of me gave me a fantastic footrest. I managed to sleep a lot of the flight home, but when awake it did feel cramped. On the particular plane we were on the screen on 10J didn't work for movies, only for announcements.
If ever we go on a dream liner again we will try to get the economy premium seats, an added expense, but the plane is just a bit too narrow for the 9 seats across set up.
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FromLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
ToPuerto Juarez - Puerto Vallarta (PJZ)
Very comfortable seat with ample legroom. Close to galley and forward toilet although on this flight the toilet was changed to crew only. I was allowed to use it also as I walk with difficulty. there was ample room for me to get out form the seat even when my husband in the seat next to me was sleeping. My only complaint is that there is only one window which is set slightly back for the seat, there is room for one in front but it is just a blank solid panel. Not ideal. Also recline is difficult to use and we had to get crew to help. The overhead locker space was limited as crew store their items in the locker also and no room to store under the seat as the leg rest blocks the access. All in all it is worth the extra payment for the premium seat but just really on a par with any other airline economy seating.
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ToMontego Bay - Sangster International (MBJ)
We upgraded to Premium Class as this was a special holiday for the pair of us. We found the seats very comfortable with plenty of width which was useful when trying to get to sleep. There was loads of leg room which was great as were both leggy people. We didn't recline the seats, however, those in front did and it didn't impact our comfort or ability to watch the tv screen. The entertainment wasn't bad, however, I would have liked a bit more to choose from as the flight was 9+ hours. The food was great and very tasty and the use of metal KFS made the eating experience more delightful. There was a wide choice of free drinks which I didn't complain about. The service was great too. Overall we enjoyed our flight and having the seats in Premium Class made the journey so much better.
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FromDoncaster Sheffield - Robin Hood (DSA)
ToSanford - Orlando Sanford Intl (SFB)
This TUI Airways Boeing 787- 900 Dreamliner is so nice to fly on to any Long haul destinations from any airports such as Manchester airport and Glasgow airport and Doncaster airport and the lights on the plane are dimmed to different modes for take off and landing mode and different flight mode to help keep you relax and refreshed and when you arrived at your destination and so you are not getting badly jet lacked and the cabin crew are so friendly any if you want any thing from the cabin crew they will kindly get it for you even if you wanted to take things home in memory of your flight and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most best quiet aircraft in the world when it is flying in the air to any long destinations.
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FromLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
ToMontego Bay - Sangster International (MBJ)
I flew on the 787-9 long haul to Montego Bay in Premium economy seat 1A. The very front of the plane obviously the best seat my only complaint is that I bumped my head several times when getting up as the space above is very low. Lots of excess legroom and the seat was really roomy. The food was okay and the drinks service was as and when you wanted a drink. The crew were friendly enough. The extra perks such as priority boarding and going through security, disembarking first and lounge access priority luggage pick up and all meals served on plates with knives and forks and glasses for your drinks Flying premium or upper class is the only way to fly out.
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FromLondon Gatwick
The dreamliner adds to the overall performance and comfort of the flight with the extra features it provides which other aircraft do not have. Staff understood my need to frqeuntly stand at the back of the aircraft to stretch my legs. This was necessary for me on such a long journey. Apart from the meals which were tasty and appropriate, one cuold ask for water, tea ,coffee, and soft drinks on demand. Staff were pleasant and unserstanding. My family and I would fly TUI again and again. Please keep me informed of special fares.
Continue the good service you provide.
Please keep me informed of special fares to Mauritius
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FromPuerto Juarez - Puerto Vallarta (PJZ)
ToLondon - London Gatwick (LGW)
Very uncomfortable flight. Seat was broken and no recline so spent the entire flight sitting upright even though it was an overnight flight and we were all expected to "sleep" really! left me feeling extremely tense for the entire flight. Crew were no help at all as didnt care or even bother to apologise for the inconvenience. By the time we left the plane my knee was extremely painful as was my hips and back meaning I had difficulty walking. Terrible attitude from cabin crew including the cabin manager means we will never use this airline again. they can keep all of their uncomfortable seats
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FromAmsterdam - Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
ToBaltimore, MD - Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall (BWI)
Enjoyed the flight. This service is very nice, especially long haul. We got offered a glass of champagne on the flight to B. A very good beginning of our trip. Back to A. it was a little more crowded in our compartment, but still... I love how I can stretch my legs for a bit. We arrived well rested and a little less anxious. Also, we got on the plane first in Amsterdam, so walking to the plane already felt more spacious. Food was great and so was the crew!! Will make use of this service again.
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FromManchester - Manchester (MAN)
ToBourgas - Bourgas (BOJ)
Well I got the seat I booked but it was different on the actual plane! I booked J1 was on the seating plan when I booked was by the window and I ended up in the aisle so I presume the same will be going home. Really disappointed and it made me look an idiot when I questioned the chap sitting in what I thought was my seat! Needs sorting
Otherwise a good flight although I could not finish the film as we landed. Seats very narrow would not have fitted a larger person by any stretch if the imagination.
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