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First Class90"23"8
Business Class51-52"22"48
Economy Class31-32"16.9-18.5"461

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FromSydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
I have flown this aircraft three times, once in Business, SYD-LON and then economy SYD-DOHA. The aircraft itself and Qatar service always immaculate and the cabin crew maintain attention to detail throughout flight. Ok seat first 22A. This seat is left hand side, last row of business before the sky lounge area. Some people complain too close to the curtain separating the lounge and next to the toilets. For me was perfect, next to the lounge lol and next to a toilet !!..noise etc not an issue. The business pods are the best..full lie flat, range of controls and Qatar business service is 5 for me actually a good seat, well placed as I could get out of seat and wander directly into the lounge for a beer....ok economy I have been in 80D and 73A. Start with 73A...left hand side window with galley wall behind seat...means u lose a little in recline but not much, still goes back a fair way. Proximity to galley means you get cabin staff serving you first ahead of the service trolleys...bonus! Also I like long flights with nobody behind me, especially those who feel the need to continually thump on the touch screen behind your head while playing a game! for me I had no disturbance...galley noise not an issue as hardly any and leg room was fine...onto 80D...aisle seat on left hand side of the four seats in the middle...toward the back of plane...leg room unobstructed and ample...bonus is that simply hop out and close to the toilet and the rear door area where you can stretch legs on a long flight...downside...last to get served food and as I found, you will probably miss your choice of what you want to eat...little tip ..the outer armrests can be swivelled up by pushing in a tricky little lever where armrest joins seat, makes getting in and out so much easier...overall no complaints though for A380 or Qatar, they are my airline of choice...also flew the Qatar A350 business...amazing plane and service again hard to beat.
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FromBangkok - Suvarnabhumi International (BKK)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
BKK-DOH-LHR. Qatar Business Class.
Not all it's cracked up to be imo. The seats are very comfortable with multiple adjustment. Didn't use entertainment so can't comment on that. Main gripes - slow meal service on both legs, despite me saying I wanted to sleep pretty quickly after take off. I was one of the last served on both flights. First flight I waited maybe 1.5 hours for a Thai red curry chicken sandwich and had to send it back because it was barely warm and not that tasty either. Second flight - very long delay getting first meal despite only asking for a bagel with a smoothie as I'd already had breakfast on flight 1. Other people in row behind were finishing their breakfast off while I was still waiting for my tablecloth, which I found slightly bizarre. Other criticism of plane - toilets are way too small, they are no bigger than standard economy class ones and they weren't taken care of that well on flight 1, with wet floor etc. Also, no pyjamas or slippers available on DOH-LHR flight, despite it taking off at 7:45am with people connecting from other overnight flights, like me.
Overall, the main advantage of the A380 business class is the bar. Otherwise I found it average and I'm not sure how they've won so many awards. I've flown EVA and Gulf Air business on this route and EVA, aside from being direct, was also better. Staff know your name and the service was better. Also, EVA toilets are much bigger and were better maintained through the flight, so makes it easier getting changed etc. I will be moving back to EVA if possible in future on this route.
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FromDoha - Doha (DOH)
ToSydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Back again to review another seat on my 6th flight on a Qatar A380. This time I was automatically seated in the upper deck economy cabin to the rear of the plane, normally reserved for Privilege Club and One World travellers. Seat was left hand window before galley bulkhead. So the cons...window had good view of wing and flap operation which I like to watch...nobody behind me so no pushing IFE all the way...was uninterupted and easy to get in and out...served food first always as it was close to galley...window bins to place items in, very handy and overall more personalised service almost like Premium Economy as smaller cabin. The cons...two seats abreast so trying to sleep or stretch out unless you are 4 foot tall or a contortionist is not possible...cabin I think is substantially noisier than lower deck as you are at the end of the fuselage and receiving the noise from four engines plus the wind rushing along the fuselage is just above your head. Could just be me, but I thought very noticeable given I have been in business ahead of the engines as well and was not as loud. Overall again, I love Qatar Airways and their service is the best out there and will fly them where I can.
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FromSydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
ToDoha - Doha (DOH)
Hi..back again for maybe my last review of this plane with Qatar given the frequency I travel on it. I had to do this one though for anybody thinking of doing Business Class and to say avoid 10K. I am not fussy..never have been being ex military and flying in all manner of things and takes a lot for me to say something, but avoid 10K! The one plus is probably getting off first thats it, the rest is downhill. It is in very close proximity to the toilets and galley and the frenetic pace of service and continual in and out and drawing of galley curtains is very noticeable then add the people in and out of toilet; was just non stop. The worst thing though, when looking at your IFE screen, there is a horizontal very bright light in the second galley section right in line with your eyes. I had to keep moving head to the right avoid it as galley curtain not always drawn properly. As in previous reviews, I prefer rear section of Business, quieter and closer to lounge. Service though, exceptional, the hostess I had this time was superb, hats off to her. I only have entertainment 4 stars as it was spoiled by the light directly in eyes.
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FromBirmingham - Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
ToSydney - Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Thank you for a very comfortable flight. This was my first time flying on my own, your staff were excellent, nothing was too much trouble. I had booked to be met at Doha and to be assisted with getting to my connected flight. Your young lady was so helpful taking all the stress off me. I would highly recommend this service. The food was good with a nice menu to choose from. Liquid refreshment was plentiful with a wide choice to choose from. My only complaint would be the lack of toilets. It would be good if there could be a separate wash room for people who want to shave, apply makeup etc. You know you are in for a long wait when you see people waiting and they have their large toilet bags with them. This is the second time I have flown with Qatar and it will not be the last. Your staff make what could be stressful and uncomfortable very pleasant indeed. I thank you for your kind attention
Regards. Mrs Anne Sutton
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FromMelbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
ToDoha - Doha (DOH)
I had booked business class for this trip to the UK but was pleasantly surprised to be upgraded to first class on checking in and I didn't even ask for it. Seat 1A is the very first seat on the top deck of the A380 on the left hand side of the aircraft. The bathroom is just through a curtain and is seriously the largest bathroom I have ever encountered on any aircraft. The facilities overall were faultless and the a la carte menu to die for. Easily the most comfortable and widest seat I've come across in the sky. The entertainment system has so much choice it would take half a lifetime to watch all of it. The only criticism I could make is that the hand held control was very slow to respond and the touch screen too far away to use but hey, that just goes to show how much space you get in this luxurious seat! 5 stars all round.
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ToMelbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
The flight is Brutal mot comfortable as all the seating is not suitable for disabled people without any exception. The arm rest is indeed not sufficiently functional to work in any health and safety manner which would cause delays in a emergency. Restrictions immediately need to be done with no delay. The reclining of the seats are poor and could cause serious head injury to passengers at the rear of the reclining movement. In fact I was verbally abused by a passanger due to this happening. I would hope my return journey by the A380 on the 19th January 2028 would get me upgraded to business class. This is a sincere honest review that concerns Health and Safety on the Aircraft help the passengers to improve the health and safety of aviation now and without limit of time.
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FromMelbourne - Tullamarine (MEL)
ToParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
The on board crew are fantastic. But prior to the flight it is IMPOSSIBLE to get anyone on the phone. No one answers. And their email service is a joke. For business class customers they really need to lift their game and take PRE TRIP experience as seriously as onboard. As you would expect, cabin and seats are faultless. Food is not really “award winning” but is of a reasonable standard. Wine list is great. What you have a layover in Qatar, they forget to tell you - oh no we don’t serve alcohol, so if you want a beer or something else forget it. AND you have arrived on an international flight for transit. 3 more baggage and security screen checks. Overkill if you ask me. You have already been cleared so one would be enough.
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FromBirmingham - Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
First time flying to Oz on my own. Had been stressing about it
for weeks. Shouldn’t have, all of the staff are excellent, cannot do enough for you. I was met at Doha to be escorted to the Sydney link, she was a lovely girl, so helpful and caring, just what I expected. Definitely must book for this on my return in April. Was very pleasantly surprised how good the food was, hot with plenty of choice and plenty of it. I was pleased with my choice of seats which I prebooked in January. All in all a very good trip and will definitely book my next trip to Oz with
Qatar again. Well done and thank you.
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FromPerth - Perth International (PER)
ToDoha - Doha (DOH)
This was my first flight with Qatar and it won't be the last. The staff were friendly, attentive and faultless. The seat was comfortable and spacious for me. The only disappointment was the main course. The lamb was so tough I couldn't even cut it. I noticed another passenger with the same issue. All other food was great. The staff offered other options (which I didn't take) and they were most apologetic. Toilets could probably have done with a more detailed clean before the flight as handles felts sticky. They were regularly serviced throughout the flight so I think it was a ground crew issue. All in all. I would recommend Qatar without question
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