stay healthy while traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

You don’t have to ditch your healthy eating and exercise schedule when you travel. Even if you spend a good part of your life flying here and jetting there, you can still find ways to stay healthy while traveling.

We’ve put together a list of a few ways you can bring your healthy habits with you wherever you go. You may have to do a little bit of planning ahead of time, but in the end your body will thank you.

Read through these tips for staying healthy while traveling, and then start putting a fun and workable plan into place.

Traveling and Healthy Food

It can be challenging to find healthy food while you’re away, so you may have to pack some yourself.

Be prepared to stock up on whole-ingredient snacks and light meals to keep you nourished throughout a trip.

And, set aside some time to research healthy restaurants where you’re going.

Try these ideas for eating healthy food while traveling:

Pack Healthy Snacks

From the minute you leave your front door, you’ll want to have access to healthy food that will keep you energized and healthy.

Put some nutritious snacks in a bag for eating in the car, on the plane, and en route to your hotel.

Having a stash of protein bars, organic dried fruits, nuts, kale chips, seaweed snacks, and trail mixes to curb hunger when you’re in your hotel room.

You want to be able to nourish yourself until you get to a great healthy restaurant.

Packing your own good-for-you treats is the best way to avoid having to buy junky meals from vending machines, or from last-resort fast food restaurants.

Stay at a Healthy Hotel

When you’re choosing your accommodations in whatever city you’re traveling to, look for a hotel that has an on-site restaurant serving healthy food.

Sometimes, you’ll find a great one that offers organic and plant-based means and treats

Also, check to see if the hotel you want to stay in has a room with a kitchen.

Then, you can buy healthy food at a local grocery store (or market) and make yummy wholesome meals yourself.

Seek Out Health Food Stores and Farmers’ Markets

When you get to your hotel, ask the concierge or front desk staff for directions to the closest health food store (or farmers’ market).

Alternatively, if you’re staying with friends or relatives, see if they can point you in the direction of a place to buy healthy snacks and meals.

Some of the foods you’ll want to stock up on are loaves of whole grain breads, jars of nut butters, fruits, veggies that you can eat raw, protein bars, bottles of juice (if you have a refrigerator), and packages of trail mix.

Find Healthy Restaurants

Most cities have some awesome restaurants that serve healthy food, even if it’s food that you’re not used to eating at home.

Look online or ask the locals where the best places are for healthy eats.

Then, make these restaurants your go-to destinations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even late-night snacking.

We’ve dined at some amazing restaurants around the globe that serve nourishing, organic, plant-based meals.

Indulge Wisely

Traveling is a wonderful way to indulge in cuisine from other places. It’s fun to try desserts, cocktails, and other yummy things that we don’t have access to at home.

Sometimes, there are so many goodies to enjoy that we want to eat them all. You can’t if you want to stay healthy.

Pick your treats wisely.

You don’t have to eat absolutely every great looking food item you see. You wouldn’t do that at home, right?

Choose some of the ones that look the most intriguing to you and savor those.

Then, save the rest for another trip – or learn how to make them at home.

Travel and Exercise

There will be some times when you have access to your favorite types of exercise while traveling.

And, there likely will be times when you don’t. To stay healthy while your away, you have to make sure you’re moving your body each day (in some kind of way).

Consider some of these ways to get going.

Park and Walk

Do you drive all around, trying to find the closest parking spot to your destination?

When you don’t have many bags or suitcases with you, why not park in the cheapest or most convenient spot and then walk the rest of the way?

 A little leg movement can wake you up for an early morning flight, get your blood pumping so you can stay energized all day, and give you the chance to see some fun things along the way.

Exercise Through a Layover or Delayed Flight

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to spare when waiting for a flight, take the opportunity to get a workout in.

Walk a couple of laps around the terminal or escape to a quiet corner for a few stretches.

Many airports have yoga rooms and gyms that you can access too.

Explore Your Destination by Foot

When you get where you’re going, set out to explore by foot. In many cities, you can visit great restaurants, cafes, museums, and nearby attractions within walking distance of your hotel.

If you’re traveling for business, check to see if you can walk to your meeting or conference.

Walking instead of riding in a vehicle is a great way to exercise. And, it often leads to enjoyable experiences that you might otherwise miss.

Look for Nature Trails

Many places that you’ll travel to will have some incredible spots for hiking, biking, or just walking in.

Mother Nature provides some beautiful places for exercise.

When you get to your destination, ask the locals where you can enjoy a few active moments outside.

Exercise Studios

If you’re going to be staying somewhere for an extended period of time, consider signing up for a membership – or a few classes – at a local gym or yoga studio.

You might find some that will let you pay to exercise for a few days. Or, there may be some places offering weekly packages and deals.

Hotel Fitness Centers

Many hotels and resorts have huge gyms on-site. In these facilities, you can typically walk on a treadmill, lift weights, climb on a stair stepper, and exercise on other machines.

Often, you can take a Pilates or Tai Chi class at your hotel.

Sometimes you have access to equipment and services for free. At select hotels, you have to pay for a pass to the gym.

Still, others will give you exercise mats and props to take up to your hotel room and use. It’s a good idea to select a hotel ahead of time that you know offers opportunities for staying fit.

Do you know of any other great ways to stay healthy on a trip? If so, share in the comments. We’d love to hear what you do!