Seat Map Turkish Airlines Boeing B777 300ER

Seat map for Turkish Airlines Boeing B777 300ER

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Business Class78"22"49"
Economy Class31-32"18"300

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ToSao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
I traveled by this plane 4 times already in economy class and I must say it is quite a big plane. the service is great, I hadnt gotten hungry during the flight and food was delicious. they served many times. what I didnt like about the plane was the space between the seats. I am tiny but I wasnt so comfortable.. maybe the flight lenght was effective on that, dunno.
the thing about flights to sao paulo is that there may be many empty seats. 3 of 4 times I got the empty seat next to me, so I must say that I even had the chance to lay down and sleep like that :) I chose 32K and the seats next to me were empty so it was great. I chose 28D and 28E was empty, gained some more room again. I dont remember the other two.
It has these TVs and I must say I had watched many movies and some series during the flight, didnt sleep at all. It was good
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FromLondon Heathrow
ToIstanbul - Ataturk (IST)
I was pleasantly surprised with this business seat. The seats are 2 abreast though I was on my own on the window seat due to social distancing. It was comfortable and had an excellent recline if needed. The legroom was enormous though I am not that tall there was lots of room if you are a six foot plus in height. The audio and screen was easy to navigate and though the content was a little dated It was adequate for the journey. The lunch came boxed and well presented and a variety of foods and a good beer or wine to enjoy with the lunch, staff were attentive and new what they were doing. I would have liked a drink whilst waiting on the tarmac for take off, but no one offered, still it was a good flight and the captain and staff and safety measures were all in place and informative. It was good value for the price paid.
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FromHouston - George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)
ToIstanbul - Ataturk (IST)
Legroom was average, quite good. Seat width was a little worse, but not that bad. The food wasn't something extraordinary. Somehow the 29th row was the last to be served the food. On a flight to Houston my seat was in the row 27 and there was no such delay as on the return flight with seat 29D. BTW, the new IST airport is terrible, even if the plane lands on time it taxies sooo sloooooooooowly to the gate that you'll miss your connecting flight if your layover is 1 hour or so. Both times that we flew through the IST we landed on time and then it took us another 30-35 minutes to arrive to the gate and get off the plane. Then you have to run madly all the way from one side of the airport to the other to catch you flight. By the grace of God we made it, but it was a terrible experience.
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ToHouston - George Bush Intercontinental (IAH)
Fairly comfortable seat with full extension capability for lying flat to the point of extreme with an inverted position (head lower than feet). Seat extension, leg extension, back positioning buttons did not work right or were simply not intuitiive e.g. the leg rest would reverse when the back was reclining which then required extending the leg rest after the back was sent backwards. The head adjustment part did not work so a pillow behind the head was needed to watch the nice sized monitor. Noise cancelling headphones were great but the plug was in a difficult place and there were other controls hidden and out of reach that made no sense or were not working either. Arm rests were not the best for comfort. Overall, a comfortable seat if it weren't for the odd and non functioning controls.
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FromBeijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
flew in Premium Economy ( rows 11-20). everything was really good except the seat itself. obviously some old model business class seat - very hard on the bottom. some kind of a metal bar across underneath the seat cover towards the front, which you can feel. had to sit on two pillows all the time. hard to operate the push buttons for the recline and the feet support. the recline on the seat in front of me did not work at all, purser tried as well, but at the end the passenger took another seat. the service in this class is definitely very good, but the seats are not as comfortable as they should be. food is excellent!
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FromNew Delhi - Indira Gandhi Intl (DEL)
ToZanzibar - Kisauni (ZNZ)
My flight from Delhi to Istanbul was good, though it was big aircraft, fully occupied but all the crew managed boarding nicely & service was good.
"While on other hand the connecting flight -TK0567 from Istanbul to Zanzibar was almost empty and the cabin crew seems not interested to serve the passengers. During meal, requested for second helping for the drink *two time* but they didn't do anything except saying 'sure', finally asked for water and see again no one bothered." (I didn't expect this kind of experience from Turkish Airlines)
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FromDubai - Dubai (DXB)
ToIstanbul - Sabiha Gokcen (SAW)
The flight was verry good, the personal was verry polite ( one of them offer me other seat because was few free) they give me earphones and an small package with eyes protection for sleep, ear protection and socks and also ask me frequently if I need something . The ambient temperature was Ok, wasn't necessary the blanket. On the display was a lot of information about fly, movies, cartoons, music and games. I will recommend your company to my friends.
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FromBirmingham - Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
ToMumbai - Chhatrapati Shivaji International (BOM)
This was the most horrible service I,v ever had on a plane, I,m disabled and requested a porter, who totally forgot about me for a start off with they have NO CLUE as to what there doing, The Airplane was small, the Aircon did not work at all. They should just pack up, instead of just messing people around like that.
In Istanbul its just as worse, None of them have any idea of what there doing
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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToIstanbul - Ataturk (IST)
Narrow seats, poor legroom..Service was ok but cabin crew mostly don't speak english enough to help solving problems like how to connect internet on the plane :). Announcements are funny when they were english. Food was ok ( they hand out fancy menus for food and, at the end you have same old "chicken or pasta" options :)) .
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FromPearson's int airport
ToDhaka - Zia International (DAC)
Really I enjoyed with Turkish airlines .
I am a frequent flyer.
I would like to be a mile member of yours AIRLINES. If any opportunity please let me know.
Last June 18 I went to Toronto from DHAKA and back to Dhaka from Toronto. And yesterday I travel from Toronto to DHAKA.
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