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15 Travel Hacks You Need to Know About – Part I

Whether you travel the world for business or pleasure, or are a first-time traveler, your upcoming trip can be more fun and efficient when you know about the following 15 travel hacks.

These tips and tricks come to you from seasoned travelers. Frequent flyers and vacationers who know how to get to a destination (and navigate around it) with the greatest of ease.

Enjoy these top 15 travel hacks and have a great time the next time you fly:

1. Pack Lightly

When you fly, you’ll want to pack as lightly as you can. Ideally, try to get away with just taking a carry-on with you.

You’ll probably save money (no checked-bag fees) and it’ll be easier to leave the airport after your flight (no waiting around at baggage claim).

2. Don’t Bring a Guide Book

Guidebooks take up needed space in your luggage and they’re really not necessary.

If you have a smartphone, you can download travel apps that will tell you about places to eat and things to do in the city you’re visiting.

If you must refer to something from a guidebook, tear out the page and bring it with you or snap a photo of it on your phone.

3. Wear Comfy and Safe Shoes on the Plane

Skip the flip-flops when you’re flying. They may be comfortable, but if you have to deboard the plane in an emergency, these are not the kind of shoes you’ll want to be wearing.

Opt for cozy athletic or casual shoes.

4. Join the Security Line Without Kids

We love kids and we encourage you to travel with them.

But, if you want to make it through security in a timely manner, we suggest you avoid the lines with children in them.

Kids don’t often know how to make it through the security checkpoints quickly.

They sometimes fumble through opening their bags and taking off necessary clothing items. Join the security lines that have the most people dressed in business attire.

These queues will likely move more efficiently.

5. Bring Ear Plugs

If you want to sleep on the plane, or just enjoy some quiet resting time, it’s good to have some earplugs with you.

When you tune out all sound, you can meditate, read, or get in a nap before a big business meeting.

6. Book Space in an Airport Lounge

Many air carriers offer private lounge access for a nominal fee.

When you book space in your airlines’ airport lounge, you can grab a bite or a drink before your flight, tend to work in a quiet environment, or relax with friends or colleagues in a setting that’s more upscale than the public areas of the airport.

7. Carry an Internet-Ready Device

If you carry an Internet-ready device with you when you fly, you can check your flight status, the weather in your arrival destination, and other important information you might need access to.

It’s a good idea to have a phone or tablet with you that can connect to the Internet by itself, but if you have one that can tap into public Wi-Fi, that’s often good enough.

8. Relax Through the Bumps

If you’ve been on planes with turbulence before, you know that the more you tense up, the rougher the bumps seem. The key to getting through turbulence on a plane is to relax through it.

Loosen up all of the muscles in your body and ride through the ups and down as though they’re part of the plan.

You’ll probably feel more comfortable through a situation that would otherwise be quite nerve-racking.

9. Pick Your Seatmate Carefully

If you’re boarding a plane that has open seating, you’ll want to know how to choose your seatmate so you can have the most pleasant plane ride possible.

We suggest you sit next to a man, because they’ll likely need to use the bathroom less often.

Also, look for passengers who don’t have kids and seem like they’ll be quietly attending to business for the entire flight.

10. Don’t Drink the Water

If you’re traveling in a country where water safety is in question, you will not want to let the inside of your mouth touch water in the hotel’s shower, in restaurants, and even in the departing airport.

This means no drinks with ice in any of these locations either.

11. Look for Hotel Alternatives

While traveling, you don’t always have to stay in a hotel.

There are plenty of accommodations that can be perfect for a business or leisure stay, such as hostels, private home rentals, and timeshares.

12. Make New Friends

Even if you’re traveling with a group of friends or family members, you should venture away from your companions for at least a few minutes of the day to get to know the local people.

It’s fun to leave your at-home persona behind to see how you can relate to new people in a new place.

13. Travel in a Hoodie

If you travel in a hoodie (even a lightweight one when it’s hot), you can safely rest your head on a plane or on an airport seat and feel confident your hair will stay clean.

Hoodies are also great when you want to cover up your eyes to get some shut-eye.

14. Choose the Vegetarian Meal Option

When flying, opt for the vegetarian meal option. This dish is usually the freshest and healthiest of all choices.

It’s typically made in small batches and doesn’t taste so mass-produced and processed.

15. Learn the Language

If the people in your travel destination speak another language, try to learn at least a greeting, goodbye, and necessary phrase like “Could you please tell me where the bathroom is?”

You may need to start speaking foreign lingo the moment you get off of the plane.

Want more travel hacks to make your business or leisure trip a success? We have plenty more. Check back with us for 15 more tips and tricks to fun and efficient flying.