Great Business Class Airfare Deals

Try These Airlines for Great Business Class Airfare Deals

Do you prefer to fly business class? Many people do, even if they’re not traveling on a business trip. Flying business class gets you all kinds of perks and comforts. Of course, you have to pay for them. Which is why we put together a guide to the best business class airfare deals.

We want you to know which airlines offer business class air travel at the best value. There are discounts and extra-special in-flight services out there, if you know where to look.

If you don’t have a big budget but still want to enjoy flying in business style, you can look to a few of these airlines for great business class airfare deals.

If you have the cash to spend on business class, you still can turn to our list of business class airfare deals to see which carriers will give you the most for your money.

No matter your situation, we think you should know about the following airlines and what they offer business class travelers.

Virgin America

Virgin America is known for its affordable airplane tickets.

If you’re flying business class with Virgin, you too get a special deal most of the time.

This California-based carrier’s business class fares fit right in with their reputation of cheap but service-oriented.

Fly Virgin America on short or long-haul trips to LAX to SFO, LAS to LAX, and even LAX to Mexico.

Business class on Virgin America gives travelers awesome amenities like seats with plenty of legroom, free Wi-Fi, on-demand entertainment, and full meals.

Jet Blue Airways

Jet Blue recently added business class seats.

They’re called Jet Blue Mint and they’re incredible for flying in luxury within North America. Jet Blue Mint business class cabins are like mini suites.

Seats are completely private and they lie flat. Air travelers who fly on a business class ticket get free Wi-Fi, an upgraded meal, and DIRECTV.

You can usually find one-way business class fares from JFK to LAX for around $599. called Jet Blue Airways one of the 10 safest low-cost air carriers.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers inexpensive business class flights to several states in North America, including Hawaii.

This carrier also transports business and leisure travelers to Mexico for cheap.

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan lets you search for the best of their business class fares online and then secure them immediately.

This Seattle-based affordable airline was rated number one in performance in terms of meeting scheduled arrival and departure times for 3 years in a row.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines doesn’t have a separate business class on their planes, but they let Business Select passengers board first, pick the best seats, and enjoy a premium drink while onboard.

These are just a few of the benefits of buying a business class ticket on Southwest.

Southwest is based out of Dallas. The carrier flies passengers on short and long trips in and out of Atlanta, Houston, Baltimore, New York, Mexico, and many other destinations.

This airline is one of the biggest and the most beloved because of its extremely low fares. Economy starts at just $49 for some legs and business class upgrades are not much more.

Air New Zealand

Flying down under? Try Air New Zealand for business class seats.

This kiwi airline makes its passengers feel at home with cozy armchairs, self-service refreshment bars, on-demand video and audio, and cool amenity kits that include eyeshades, a pen, earplugs, a toothbrush kit, and other fun things.

If you feel like chatting it up with a passenger you know, or have just met on your flight, you can turn your ottoman footrest into a seat for your visitor to sit on while you both enjoy a glass of wine.

Air New Zealand might not be the lowest-priced business class airline, but it has some of the most exciting perks.

American Airlines

 Another airline that you might want to turn to for business class flights is American Airlines.

Sometimes, you’ll find amazing deals on tickets to Europe, Asia, and Latin America. But most of all, you’ll see some outstanding luxuries aboard this airline.

American Airlines is North America’s largest air carrier. It’s also big on the benefits when it comes to long flights.

Travelers flying business class on American Airlines’ extended trips are pampered with ergonomic seats that fold flat, motorized seat controls with a memory feature, and Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

In-seat entertainment includes the ability to watch movies and play video games for hours.

Emirates Airlines

Our last top airline for fabulous business class deals is Emirates Airlines.

Again, this airline is not necessarily the cheapest on the block. It’s actually not by a long shot.

The cosmopolitan luxuries that you have access to when flying business class on Emirates Airlines, however, exceed services on most other carriers.

Business class travelers on Emirates Airlines fly high-class to Dubai and more than 140 other destinations.

Passengers love the fully-adjustable seats, complimentary meals and champagne (food is served on fine china), on-board cocktail lounge, and 2,000 entertainment channels that play on a personal wide-screen television.

Flying business class can definitely make a flight much more enjoyable than sitting in a coach seat.

Whether you’re jetting off to an important meeting and want to be in top spirits when you get there or want a first-rate vacation experience, think about traveling in a business class seat for your next flight.