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Top 5 Modern Airport Terminals

Whether you travel occasionally or often, you probably appreciate stepping into an airport terminal that’s updated with modern design and technology.

Modern airport terminals make it enjoyable – and efficient – to check in and wait for flights. They offer features that make the terminal a semi-pleasurable place to be in, rather than somewhere a traveler dreads visiting.

Recently, there have been quite a few airport terminals constructed – and remodeled – that incorporate stylish aesthetics as well as features that allow travelers to get things done easily.

These welcomed touches are found at modern airport terminals worldwide – in the United States, UK, Middle East, and other heavily-traffic locales.

The airport terminals that made our Top 5 Modern Airport Terminals list impress passengers with great use of natural light, smart and sustainable building, top-notch amenities, and high-end useful features.

These modern airport terminals are visually stunning – and they give flyers a taste of the best in what new design and technology bring.

JKF International Airport Terminal 4 (New York City, United States)

Terminal 4 at the JFK International Airport opened in 2013 – servicing international and transcontinental flights. This terminal’s modern features include high-tech check-in kiosks and agent desks, a 12-lane security checkpoint, and a large SkyPriority section.

Travelers enjoy food from top contemporary names in NYC dining like Danny Meyer (Shake Shack, Blue Smoke) and Marcus Samuelson (Uptown Brasserie).

Gates at Terminal 4 are all new or recently renovated, the flagship Delta Sky Club in the terminal offers beautiful modern design, and a swanky al fresco Sky Deck serves cocktails with a great view of planes taking off and landing.

Queen Alia International Airport Terminal D (Amman, Jordan)

The Queen Alia International Airport in Amman Jordan features an exquisitely-designed Terminal D that’s the result of work from noted design firm Foster + Partners. The spacious, new main terminal has handled all of Queen Alia’s flights since March 21, 2013, which means it needed to become as efficient as possible and pleasurable to be in due to heavy traffic.

Terminal D is designed to evoke the flowing fabric of Bedouin tents when viewed from above.

It features 127 heat dissipating concrete domes that branch out from central columns, offering gorgeous design that looks like desert palms from the ground.

This modern airport terminal is easy to navigate, with all gates located on one side and check-in, dining, retail, and waiting spaces in the center.

Travelers enjoy sitting near open-air courtyards filled with reflecting pools and greenery.

Lion-Saint Exupery Airport Terminal 3 (Lyon, France)

Lion-Saint Exupery Airport’s Terminal 3 is simple and modern in design, but this achievement did not come “cheap” according to the Aeroports de Lyon chairman.

The terminal launched as a hub for Air France-KLM, as well as for budget carriers like easyJet and AirAsia. The folks in charge of Terminal 3 wanted it to be known as an airport for “low stress, not low-cost”.

The modern Terminal 3 doesn’t necessarily feature high-tech advances or over-the-top perks, but it offers a personal experience that makes for an enjoyable visit to the airport.

Floating customer service reps answer travelers’ questions and seating areas are awash in bright, uplifting colors. Terminal 3’s efforts in contemporary design and functionality will continue in the future, with an overhaul scheduled for completion in 2020 that will expand on initial efforts.

Long Beach Airport Passenger Concourse (Long Beach, United States)

Long Beach Airport is the West Coast hub for JetBlue, an airline that boasts the second-lowest average airfares in the country. The three million passengers who fly through LGB annually spend an average of only 20 minutes going from curb to concourse, and just seven of those minutes are dedicated to getting through security.

The Passenger Concourse at Long Beach Airport opened in December of 2012 as part of a comprehensive $140 million airport makeover.

The Concourse features a boutique hotel style with an Art Deco façade. It offers 100% local retail outlets, as well as a group of local dining vendors that come together in a high-end food court that looks like an outdoor market.

Waiting a while for a flight? Head outside and lounge around the Concourse’s fire pits or sit in a cabana as you enjoy live music performances.

Christchurch Airport Domestic Terminal (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Christchurch’s Domestic Terminal was built in 1960 to handle roughly 200,000 passengers – and now it sees that many passengers in 2 weeks!

The terminal needed something big and new, so it reopened in April of 2013 as part of airport complex that features the most modern elements in technology and design.

Christchurch’s Domestic Terminal boasts carbonZero standards, a free Wi-Fi kids’ zone, complimentary shower facilities, premium lounges, and restaurants that highlight local cuisine, wine, and beer.

The Domestic Terminal handles some international check-in and baggage claim, and it offers an ease of getting through security that’s unmatched in most airports.