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How Do Luggage Shipping Services Work

Whether you fly with your family or simply have a lot of bags and suitcases to take care of, you might consider using a luggage shipping service. A luggage shipping service may be broadly defined as another simpler and more convenient way of checking your baggage when you travel by plane. This method of forwarding your luggage is, as a general rule accessible, safe as well as guaranteed to arrive on time.

Your LUGGAGE will thus be picked up from your home and shipped directly to your destination (your hotel, cruise ship or vacation home). You simply pack and contact them – they take care of the rest. You’ll therefore be able to avoid pulling or dragging your luggage to and from the airport and, most importantly, bypass long check-in lines.

If the idea of bypassing long check-in lines seems appealing to you, then you may want to know how do these services work. You’ll see that that the whole process is as simple and easy to deal with as it is useful. In just a few steps, you’ll manage to offer yourself a trip in which you won’t need to worry about carry bulky bags. Practically, any of the luggage shipping services will collect your bags before you depart and send them to your place of choice.

Making the reservations

Most of the services allow you to make the reservations by phone or even onlineLuggage Free, for instance, is also available for booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Luggage Forward, on the other hand, will process your request through an Automated Routing Control system which will allow you to select the type of service that best suits your need, the pick up times as well as the insurance amounts for every item you ship. You’ll then be given a total price based on what you chose.

Moreover, this service allow you to make reservations as early as 180 days or as late as one business day before your needed delivery date. Luggage Forward provides a variety of express services both domestically within the United States as well as internationally. If you plan to use United Door-to-Door Baggage, you need to schedule your delivery at least one hour before your flight’s departure time. Overall, your bags will be retrieved the same day in most of the US major cities or the subsequent day in any other locations.

Getting your bags ready

You only need to PREPARE YOUR BAGGAGE just as if you were the gone carrying it to the airport. It’s as simple as that. They will deal with the rest. Your luggage doesn’t need to be packaged or wrapped, be it soft or hard sided luggage. It can be shipped as is. Nonetheless, sporting equipment as well as other non-luggage units might need specific packaging to make sure that they are properly protected during their delivery. Bikes, for instance, have to be in a suitable container or box. Alternatively, golf bags will have to be placed in a case of cover that complies with the carrier’s policies. The same applies to skis as well.

Having your baggage picked up

An agent will come to your home, office, and hotel or, even cruise ship at the scheduled time to collect your baggage. It is not compulsory for you to be present at the your scheduled retrieval time. You may as well leave the bags with the hotel staff or somewhere at home (i.e. on a porch, in a garage, at the back door, etc.) where you know is easily accessible to the agent.

Having your bags transited

Your luggage will be shipped to your appointed destination and it will want for you when your get there. As a general rule, all of the domestic luggage deliveries are guaranteed to arrive on time. And you are also guaranteed to travel as light as you possibly can and feel as fresh as a daisy when you reach your destination.

All in all, these services are an ACCESSIBLE and TRUSTWORTHY ALTERNATIVE to checking baggage and experiencing a hassle-free air journey.