checking or shipping your baggage

Which Is Better? Checking or Shipping Your Baggage?

You’re probably one of those travelers who have never taken into account the idea of shipping their baggage and having them reach the destination before you. You’re probably more confident if you know that your bags are traveling with you. But how would you feel if you were compelled to pay a fee in order to check a bag which you planned to take as carry-on? Imagine paying around 30 bucks to check a first or even second bag and, despite the carrier having guaranteed that you’ll have your bags with you when you arrive at your destination.

What if they loose you baggage? This happens pretty often, you know? Indeed, it is a bit more expensive to ship you baggage but it is safer too. If you know that your entire trip depends on what you carry in those bags, than you should definitely ponder on choosing a luggage shipping service.

Most of the major carriers charge their passengers to check one piece of luggage. Their fees vary from approximately 40$. Some other airlines, such as Southwest or JetBlue still permit their passengers to check one item of luggage for free. Nevertheless, the majority of the airlines will permit their passengers to check one bag free of charge in international flights.

So, if you opt you for a LUGGAGE SHIPPING SERVICE in this case, you may pay more than you’d be willing to. You may even end up paying as much as 100$ if your bag is over 50 lbs/23 kgs but not more than 70 lbs/32kgs and if you’re traveling in the main cabin. This is charged by American Airlines.

Nevertheless, checked bags charges are not applicable to business or first class travelers. Still, this option of checking your bags, may prove to be the cheapest one if you have only one item of luggage. And if everything goes as planned, you will have those bags with you once you get to the destination.

Carriers, on the other hand, cannot make certain that they will not lose or damage your bags. And remember that you’ll need to linger around the baggage carrousel after you arrive at the airport of destination. What is more, you’ll also have to drag and haul you bags to and from the airport which can be quite exhausting.

You won’t have to look like a worn out if you opt of a luggage shipping service. Furthermore, if your bags weight more than normally allowed by the airlines, you’ll have to apy quite a lot for your decision of cramming your bags with all sorts of things. Shipping services may be less wasteful in this case.

Luggage shipping services are actually REALIABLE. They also provide you with a tracking number so that you may monitor your luggage permanently. You’ll have you luggage shipped to your destination and it will wait for you when your arrive. Generally speaking, all of the domestic luggage deliveries are guaranteed to arrive on time. And you are also guaranteed to skip check-in lines or waiting around at the baggage claim.

You may choose whichever Luggage Shipping Services you fee Luggage ForwardBaggage QuestThe Luggage ClubUnited Door-to-Door BaggageSports Express / Virtual BellhopLuggage Free and many others. Despite the fact that they have no limitations in so far as baggage weight is concerned, you may consider weighing your luggage before the pick up. Most of them are happy to allow bags of any size or weight. However, luggage shipping services have weight limits for different types of bags, i.e. duffel bag, roller bag, upright suitcase, garment bag, and set their fees accordingly.

Finally, you only have to plan beforehand so that you’re able to pack and arrange for a pick-up time before you set off to the airport.