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There are 28 A321s in US Airway’s fleet, which has a total of 384 planes in its mainline group. The A321 is a larger version of the A320 family. It has a total seating capacity of 169 passengers.
All seats on A319, A320, A321 and A330 planes are equipped with laptop power ports. Adapters are necessary and can be found at most major electronic stores.
Audio and/or video entertainment is provided on select A319, A320, A321, A330, B757 and B767 planes. Headset may be purchased for $5 to listen to a choice of ten music channels and a selection of video programmes.
Airfone service is available on every row of seats on most US Airways planes.

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FromChicago-Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
ToPhoenix-Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)
Bulkhead seat with plenty of leg room. There is a very small pocket for THEIR magazine, barf bag, and escape schematic. It won't hold much else, however, if you have a small personal bag, you might be able to put it under your seat at your feet. Otherwise, everything will go up in the luggage bins. Since it is a bulkhead seat, the tray tables are in the arms of the seats, so the seat is a bit narrower than normal, but that didn't bother me. It may actually be ok if you get a person who is larger than the seat next to you, because they won't be able to infringe on your seat space. There were 2 windows at my right side, one in-line with my shoulders, one in-line with my feet. This particular aircraft, N523UW, is still branded in US Airways colors and interior. Comfortable, quiet seat since it is far forward of the engine, and great for window viewing, or leaning against the wall to sleep. There was no IFE, I did not use the recline feature, and only had a soft drink on this flight.
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FromPhiladelphia - Philadelphia International (PHL)
ToLas Vegas - Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
This plane was a regular American Airlines 321, not an updated Starlets aircraft. I was very disappointed that although a choice 1st class seat, the seat was uncomfortable and didn't recline nearly was much as I'd like or that other American 1st Class seats I've sat in. While the service was awesome, the variety of food items was substandard for 1st Class especially since no dinner was not served on the very long 5 1/2 flight departing at 8:30PM. I was also disappointed the food items were all prepackaged and processed rather than fresh. Definitely not what I expect for flying 1st Class. As such in this case, my flying 1st Class was definitely not worth the extra money and five 500-mile upgrades. Finally, legroom was obscured by awkward placement of the leg of the seat in front of mine in such as way as it was in my way. After my previous American Airlines flight to Philadelphia was delayed hours, this plane for the reasons I provided above wasn't what I needed to relax after a long day and stressful week!!!! American needs to complete their modernization of these 321 aircraft as soon as possible
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FromPhiladelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
ToLos Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
The seats were leather, but that doesn't prove how bad it is in the A321. They don't really clean the aircraft, so all I got were crumbs on my seat. The power ports were integrated into (some) armrests, and what made it worse was that they were only DC. I can't charge my laptop. I didn't know if I could recline or not, but I tried. I thought it was the guy behind me who blocked it, but I saw it barely reclined a CENTIMETER. Since the flight was operated by AA, we got complimentary drinks but you can only pay for snacks by card. The pitch was also to the bare minimums. My seat partner had to get out of his seat in order for me to use the lavatory. I really didn't want to disturb the person right next to me.
And lastly there was no entertainment on a trans-con flight. Nothing. AA's old 757-200 beats this by a thousand.
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FromDallas, TX - Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW)
ToCharlotte - Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
Seat 10C Dallas to Charlotte on a Thursday night. The flight was full but ran on time. 10C is exit row so there is no row 9 in front. Leg room was amazing, but have to deal with the narrower seat with in-armrest tray table. Even with my relatively slight build the width was tight. The seat pitch isn't great on the old US 321s and I hate to recline and bother passengers in next row so I can't say it was the most comfortable setting.

I was able to use under seat storage for row 8, but a stowage container blocks access for my seat-mates in the center and window seats. Of course, accessing my bag required getting out of my seat and I couldn't reasonably get to my laptop until the seat belt sign was turned off.

All things considered I would choose that seat again..
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FromCharlotte-Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
ToPittsburgh, PA-Pittsburgh International (PIT)
We flew back Tuesday 4/30/13 from a weeks vacation in Key West (EYW). Last leg from Charlotte (CLT) to Pittsburgh (PIT) was in US Airways Airbus A321, in ROW 8 (seats D&E). As I sat TRAPPED in their CATTLE-CAR seats, I'm thinking next time I'll fly Delta to avoid the US Airways A321 -- never again. WORST SEATS I've ever had in any plane with any airline in 50 years, even going back to DC-3 and Convair (United) prop service. The A321 seatback from Row 7 was so close it was almost brushing my teeth. US Airways smaller Embraer 175 (in/out of Key West) is a much more comfortable plane, and its Brazilian seats are much better made then the Airbus seats. Prior passengers in my non-reclining seat in Row 8 had bent its frame mechanism trying to get more room, as did I.
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FromPhoenix-Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)
ToSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
This is an interesting seat. It is classified as an "Emergncy Exit" seat, but the door is forward of the seat, and there is no seat immediately in front of 23F. So the end result is a huge amount of leg room, access to the aisle by using row 22 to cut across, it is also an Emergency Exit row as well, so has extra leg room. This seat has the tray table built into the arm rest, so the seat is narrower than normal economy seats. There is one window, in-line with the shoulders. Unlike most Emergency Exit window seats, this seat was not cold on the legs or feet. No storage in front of you, so you will need a small personal bag, to tuck under the seat at your feet, or put everything up in the overhead luggage bins.
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FromAtlanta, GA-Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
ToSeattle, WA-Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
Originally had seat 34A back row window seat because I booked late and that was all that was available. However when I checked in I was able to change to 22C which was an exit row aisle seat. Although there is no window opposite this seat there is plenty of leg room and the seat reclines fully. However these seats are narrower than the others but this was not a problem for me Journey was comfortable and there was an hours stop at Phoenix where I was able to get off an walk around for a while. Purchased in flight meal but was told to get receipt on line - still trying 3 days later without success but could be due to the fact that flight was US Airlines and web page is AA
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FromCharlotte-Charlotte Douglas (CLT)
ToSan Diego-San Diego International Airport (SAN)
Air travel is just the pits these days, that being said, the seat was pretty good . It was a little narrow but the leg room was decent. Of course being at the balk head you had limited access to store mags or other objects, since you only have a very thin pocket in front of you. Being in the first row you avoid a lot of traffic going by and bumping into you on an aisle seat. There was no entertainment on this 4+ hour trip, food service was non-extent unless you wanted to pay the unreasonable price for not a very good sandwich.
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FromCharlotte-Charlotte Douglas(CLT)
ToSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International(SFO)
This is a great seat: behind the trailing edge of the wing, as much room as you'd find in row 11 or 12, and away from the general clatter of the attendants. I am a window seat person. Big shoulders and a desire to sleep make aisle unbearable. This was a full flight and premium seat upgrades were very pricey, so I thought I'd try it and it worked. Same seat R/T. PS: I check luggage on all but 1-2 day gigs. It makes life so much easier, not dragging a suitcase around.
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ToRio de Janeiro
Acabamos de chegar de USA, no voo 800, que saiu de Charlotte, os nossos acentos eram o meu, Dantas Pedrita 16D e o do meu marido, 16E.
A minha filha marcou os acentos pela internet. um dos acentos ficaria no corredor, necessitaríamos que fosse assim porque somos idosos, eu 74 e ele 77. Mas, ambos acentos eram no meio e passamos a viagem toda com muito desconforto.Quando a minha filha marcou os acentos tivemos que pagar mais 30 dólares, que de nada adiantou!
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