Seat Map LATAM Airlines Brasil Boeing B777 300ER V1

Seat map for LATAM Airlines Brasil Boeing B777 300ER V1

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First Class4
Economy Class56
Economy Class302

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ToSao paulo
Originally, I was booked to fly on seat 36A but for an unknown reason, the airline put me on seat 17K. I would not have minded this if I was flying by myself, but I was with 5 other people so we all got jumbled up in that small space in between seat 15 to seat 18. However, apart from that confusion, the flight and crew were outstaning and I could not have asked for anymore apart from my booked seats. I am a great fan of this aircraft and found it absolutey confortable. However, one of the people who I was travelling wth wanted to spend a few minutes (or hours!) in the window seat, so I let her. However, while I was in her seat (17H, corridor), I noticed that it was really cold and so I couldnt sleep properly. I would advise anyone to never book a seat nearest to the corridor because the gush of wind really is irritating and there is nothing better than siiting in a window seat!
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ToSao paulo
Excellent crew, great airline and amazing plane. I flew on seat 24A and found the flight extremely satisfying and the attention of the crew members was absolutely amazing in the air. The entertainment was really good and the changing lights in the cabin was really relaxing. It was probably the first time i ever slept on a plane although it was only for about 20 mins. Tam's crew are so friendly that they even let me have a look inside the cockpit on the return flight Guarulhos - London. There was a queue for the toilets but the small windows on the emergency door kept me distracted and made the time fly by. However, my experience would be a bit better with a little extra legroom but i really dont want to speak negative about TAM. Overall, i would give it a 9/10.
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FromSan Paulo
ToLondon Heathrow
Being at the back was the wrong thing to agree to last to get the food actually the run out by the time they got to me. Service up front was better and constant the forgot about us in the rear and when challenged i got a bad response.last to get off seem for ever. You feel all the turbulance. Good thing the toilets are close. But there next to you in the line knocking your arm. And don't take a night flight this sort of flight should be day time only. Then out of sight out of mind wouldn't happen. My Girl friend is flying back today armed with this information she has changed from rear to front row 16 the best seat
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ToSão Paulo
The row 19 is located at the emergency exit. This location is sold by TAM as Comfort seat for E$75.
Unless you carry a very heavy coat, do not attempt to take this place. Because of the door poor temperature insulation, these places are extremely cold. The blankets supplied by the company are not enough to warm up. My family and I caught a cold and a very bad night sleep.
For safety reason, the arm rest do not pull up, which reduces the width space. For me this is the worst place in the plane.
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4.5 of 5
FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport(FRA)
ToSao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos(GRU)
The attention and organization of TAM on the ground leaves a lot to be desired. In the air, however, it is 180 degrees. Great service and attention. You almost did not have to call the FA's for any whim. Food service was a little rushed, though. Very comfortable seat and lots of entertainment options.
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FromSao Paulo
The most uncomfortable 777 I have every been on. Tall and large people beware, TAM’s Economy seat configuration is extremely cramped with very narrow seats and minimum legroom‘à la Ryanair’.
I will not consider flying with TAM’s 777s again unless it was in Business class.
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FromNew York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
ToSao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos(GRU)
Gostei; Do excelente serviço de bordo, comissarios atenciosos, no assento 16A voce tem muito espaço para esticar as pernas, viagei com muita tranquilidade e conforto, vale a pena pagar um pouco mais pelo assento conforto, sem duvida voltarei a viajar pela Tam.
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FromSao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
ToParis-Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Excellent crew, confortable plane, amazing entertaiment and "atmosphere" but seat, all of them not only mine, were a nigthmare. I´m 1,60 m and thin woman and my daughter 1,55 m and 45 kg and both of us didn´t fit at the seats.
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FromSantiago (SCL)
ToSao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU)
Comfortable for an economy class. That space on my left allow me to put my 17'' laptop backpack (which is huge!!) without a problem. I think 44J would be even better as you can stretch your legs on.
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FromSao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos(GRU)
ToFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport(FRA)
Flew on TAM's Confort seat, on 16H. Very good, it is worth the extra 50 euros you have to pay to fly there. TAM's service is superior than SWISS/Lufthansa that operate to Brazil...
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