Seat Map Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD 90

Seat map for Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD 90

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First Class37"19.6"16
Economy Comfort34"18.1"25
Economy Class30-31"18.1"117

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FromWashington, DC-Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)
ToMinneapolis-Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
Delta has come under a lot of flak recently for pissing off a lot of Medallion members and changing their structure; however, their flights are still excellent.

These planes still haven't been upgraded with televisions, which is unfortunate considering these are 3+ hour flights. WIFI is nice though. The first class seats are narrower than other planes in the fleet, but it's still decently roomy. I'm a big guy (6'3" 240lbs), and I was able to comfortably stretch out without getting anywhere close to my seat mate.

Delta has, in my opinion, the quintessential domestic first class within the US. Courteous stewardesses that are polite, attentive, and address you properly. Pre-departure drinks. Coat check. Steaming hot towelettes. Wine that keeps flowing (my glass was never empty). Pretty good meals (Orzo with chicken breast was the best choice). Row 1 and 4 will spend a fair bit of time having a cart right next to them while stewardesses are passing through (only a front galley). Rows 2 and 3 are the best. Cheers!
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FromMinneapolis-Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl(MSP)
ToSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International(SFO)
Seat 10C the aisle seat of the "3 seats" side of the plane.

Horrible plane. The aisle does a zig zag from the 2+2 first class section to the 2+3 coach section. So people boarding the plane are going to bang into you and bang their luggage into you, as they make their way back to the plane.

Plus, Delta took out the Galley in the back, to add more seats. So for your whole flight, the staff will be coming and going - with and without carts and trays. More getting banged about while sitting in "economy comfort."

Much more economy than comfort, let me assure you.

Plus, even if you're in the FC section, there is no in seat nor overhead entertainment.

This is a tired old plane made more old and more tired by the fine folks at Delta. Best in class. Stop sitting in C.E. Woolman's desk and get off your butt and make the Delta customer experience something worth the $1,200 I paid for my coach seat today, Richard.
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FromBaltimore, MD - Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall (BWI)
ToMinneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
I am 6 feet tall with long legs and always pay more for Delta comfort. I have always been comfortable in those seats. UNTIL today! Flying home from D.C. area was painful on our Delta flight. There was NO extra legroom in our Comfort seats! I still have a dent in my knee from it pressing into the seat in front of me. I sure hope Delta doesn't think they are charging a boatload more for the opportunity to have a free drink, because most of us in economy comfort just want our extra legroom. I won't fly this plane again, and Delta, you should be ashamed of yourselves for false advertising!
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FromTucson, AZ-Tucson International Airport (TUS)
ToMinneapolis-Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
Unfortunately, Delta is using this plan on its three longer-haul flights out of Tucson these days, TUS-MSP and two flights TUS-ATL. First class is not bad, although the seats do recline a little far for comfort. Coach is coach. There is no IFE on these planes, which is not acceptable in 2014 on flights of 3-4 hours. On the plus side, FC seats do have power outlets to charge your iPad. Food service out of Tucson, even in first, is pretty bad because all meals are catered in. You can forget about a "delicious meal", especially on the am TUS-DL flight; all you get is cold cereal.
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FromSalt Lake City
For a domestic first class product on an MD-90, I was quite impressed with Delta! Because of the bulkhead, there is no one reclining into you and you have quite a bit more leg room which is quite nice on a longer flight. The service was very good, although the flight crew was not. The seat was extraordinarily confortable and with the added bonus of in flight entertainment made this aircraft quite enjoyable.
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FromRichmond, VA - Richmond International Airport (RIC)
ToAtlanta, GA - Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
Absolutely the worst flight we have ever taken. We were not supposed to be in those seats according to our reservation but when I printed out the boarding pass they were on them and we could not change them. We could not hear for the noise of the engine and had no window. I had booked the flight 6 months in advance. If it happens again we will not fly Delta in the future.
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FromNew York City
ToFt. Lauderdale, FL
For a couple that are 6' and weighs in at 250lb each, the flight was absolutely painful. We were crushed the whole way. I spent most of my time with one arm up in the air to gain a bit more room. While on the cruise that followed, I spent $50 in phone calls to insure that I could take a different plane back to NYC
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FromIndianapolis, IN-Indianapolis International(IND)
ToPortland, OR-Portland International(PDX)
Painfully long and boring flight. No video or audio available. tight seating. the headrest did not bend so you could lean your head and sleep. service ok, not very friendly though. I could hardly wait to get off. I'll never fly on this type of plane again unless it is the only way to get where i need to go.
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FromCharleston SC
ToDenver-Denver International (DEN)
My husband and I had seats 32 A&B which were not to bad.The leg room leaves a lot to be desired and the fumes from de-iceing made me cough. I have early COPD so oders make me cough. Food stinks, to prcey for poor qualiy. I hope you wanted honesty. Staff was very nice !!
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FromMinneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
ToTampa - Tampa International (TPA)
Older plane but First Class was comfortable. No television screens, but downloaded the GoGoEntertainment app prior to flying and was able to watch movies on my notebook. Smooth take-off and landing.
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