TAP Air Portugal review by Xabierr #37331

Tap is a gem in Europe. 1.- I love Airbus planes and except some domestic peninsula flights with regional aircrafts, TAP relies solely on Airbus planes which are freally well take care off, painted in a beautiful livery, with an incredible staff, able to speak many languages (that’s amazing) and a lovely real attitude, with an efficient service.
I have been in some bad weather situations landing in kind of difficult airports with tap and dont tell me why but a huge % of accasions we manage to land with no hesitation, being the crew calm and focused. (believe me!). I can tell TAP crews are probably the most efficient wortking under pressure.
A great reliable airline with great staff, nice fleet and a great service. One of my favourites in Europe. I love TAP, Iberia, Aegean, Brussels airlines, finnair or Austrian in opposition to big carriers such as BA, KLM or AirFrance. I love Easyjet too, as I find crews ans staff quite genuine. I really dislike staff overeacting, trying to be super super friendly, it is not neccessary and looks fake……….Whenever something goes wrong they show the opposite side appearing to become demons…….

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