Caribbean Airlines review by #32720

Checked in…was good… I got on the plane and reguested a blanket but I did not get it.
During the flight I got thirsty and asked for some water , but 35minutes passed and I stil did not get Iit. I then asked again. This time the flight attendant forgot who asked for the water and just gave I awaaway.Very disappointed.while making landing checks, she remembered and then I got the water which was terrible
But this is not the only experience… once, I booked seats 5 and 6 which is at the front of the plane but then , an email was sent saying I will be moved fromthe front of the plane, to the back
Another bad experience is the entire plane smells
All their planes are extremely OLD. They need to upgrade their planes. There arw many more bad experiences but if I write all, it will take someone 1 million years to read… Terrible service

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