Airplane seat reviews by DZ

Date 2018-05-22
FromStuttgart - Stuttgart Echterdingen (STR)
ToLyon - St-Exupéry (LYS)

A nice flight experience besides a 1 hour delay.
The plane is roomier than what it seems and even I can stand straight in the cabin (I'm 1.9 meters).
Seat almost don't recline.
The offered sandwich was fresh and quite filling.
The open crew cabin offers a unique on-board experience.
The main problem is the cabin noise: 105 dB SPL is really loud. But this is common to most turboprops.
I definitely recommend flying with TwinJet! Considering how small the company is, they offer comfort and bang for the bucks.

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Date 2018-04-24
FromBrussels - Brussels Airport (BRU)
ToStuttgart - Stuttgart Echterdingen (STR)

A bad flight.
First of all the plane is unbearably loud. I measured 106 dB Leq. In a normal working environment this wouldn't be allowed.
Row 6 is next to the propellers which makes it even worse (if possible).
The second problem was the cabin temperature. It was unbearably warm during boarding and taxing. The reason for this is that they use only one engine and the compressor is off. Maximum discomfort. When I asked to the stewardess to do something, she didn't even reply. Quite unprofessional.
Finally the cabin was dirty. I was the first one to use the toilet and you can see in the picture how I found it.
I promised myself never to board a Dash( ever again, especially with Eurowings. I used in the past with AirBaltic and the situation wasn't this tragic.

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Date 2018-04-16
FromStuttgart - Stuttgart Echterdingen (STR)
ToBrussels - Brussels Airport (BRU)

PLEASE NOTE: The whole row 11 has no windows!
I'm a turboprop fan (no pun intended) but the Dash 8 is awfully loud. I measured an average of 96 dB SPL. Enough to force you to shout if you want to have a conversation with your neighbor.
Take off is always smooth, landing can be bumpy because of the slower speed compared to turbofans.
Probably the best seat is in row 10.

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