Top Places to Find Healthy Airport Food

Searching for healthy airport food? Up until recently, your chances of finding good-for-you airport food were slim. There was the occasional fruit cup or a single banana for sale at a snack stand. Sometimes you’d find a vendor that offered a plate of cut up veggies or a little bowl of instant oatmeal.

These options don’t do much to fill a traveler up, however, and they’re not very exciting if you have to eat them over and over again – due to a long layover or delayed flight.

Today, there are many choices for healthy airport food that go way beyond fruit and vegetable boxes – and boring, pre-packaged snacks.

Airports know that eating healthy is important to many of their passengers, so they’re bringing in some of the biggest brands in healthy food to fill the bellies of their flyers.

Some of the healthy meals that you’ll find at airports today include plant-based, organic offerings from restaurants that know how to keep people healthy outside of the airport.

Top restaurateurs and restaurant chains are bringing their gourmet, wholesome dishes to airports in regions where they already enjoy a loyal following.

In addition to favorite healthy dishes from popular eateries, travelers can now purchase nutritious items like organic peanut butter packets and energy bars from many airport convenience stands.

If you’re at any of the following airports, rejoice! You’ve found yourself in one of the top places to get healthy airport food:

Real Food Daily – Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Real Food Daily is a premier organic and vegan restaurant based out of Los Angeles that opened an LAX location (in the American Airlines Terminal, post-Security) to round out their offerings – which already include three Los Angeles restaurants.

Real Food Daily at LAX serves high-quality, creative, healthy airport food that is miles better in flavor – and nutritional value – that what you’ll find from other airport dining stops.

Real Food Daily offers organic juices, vegan baked goods, veggie bowls, healthy soups, salads, and more plant-loaded yumminess.

The Plant – San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

The Plant in San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2 opened in April of 2011. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a newly-designed terminal that is known for environmental sustainability.

Not only is The Plant’s food eco-friendly, it’s incredibly healthy. At The Plant, travelers dine on fresh juices, smoothies, breakfast burritos, freshly-made oatmeal, veggie burgers, quinoa and grain bowls, curry, and udon noodle dishes – all made from local and organic ingredients.

The Plant caters to travelers in Terminal 1 and 2 flying with American Airlines (domestic), Virgin American, Delta (domestic), Frontier, US Airways, AirTran, and Southwest.

Cibo Express Gourmet Market – Airports across the USA

Cibo is a genuine, gourmet airport market offering nearly 1,000 different healthy food items and beverages that are on-board ready. Cibo serves something for nearly everyone – including organics, vegan food, Kosher products, all-natural choices, sugar-free selections, and heart-healthy options.

You’ll find a Cibo Express Gourmet Market in:

  • JFK International Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Boston Logan Airport
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
  • Philadelphia International Airport
  • Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport
  • Tucson International Airport
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport

Vino Volo – Airports across the USA

Vino Volo is a chain of airport wine bars that serves biodynamic and organic wines, as well as healthy small bites. In 18 different airports across the country, Vino Volo makes it exciting to fill up on airport goodies – and indulge in a little pre-flight cocktail.

Vino Volo’s healthy spirits and snacks are found in airports like:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (Tom Bradley International Terminal)
  • San Francisco International Airport (Terminal 2)
  • Oakland International Airport (Terminal 2)
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (Concourse B)
  • Denver International Airport (Concourse A), among others.

Mayorga Coffee – Airports across the USA

If you’re looking for a healthy cup of airport coffee, you’ll find it at the Mayorga Coffee locations in Baltimore Washington International Airport, Washington Dulles, Pittsburgh International Airport, and Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport.

Mayorga Coffee coffeehouses offer coffee that comes The Rainforest Alliance or Organic Certified programs. Coffee served at Mayorga locations is organic, pesticide free, and grown in nutrient-rich soil.

Modmarket – Denver International Airport, USA

Modmarket is a Colorado chain that focuses on natural foods. It opened in the B Gates Concourse in Denver International Airport in June of 2014 – and it offers healthy choices for travelers, including many vegan options (meals can be made vegan with Daiya vegan cheese or tofu).

Modmarket serves salads, sandwiches, steal-cut oats for breakfast, and a variety of other wholesome dishes. This 900-square-foot gem is a great place to fill up on a healthy, fresh, and fast meals that are also delicious.

And, more…

In addition to these locations for healthy airport food, you’ll likely find a Starbucks or Chipotle at most airports. Many of the airport Starbucks offer oatmeal, organic bottle juices, plant-based boxed lunches, and small-batch coffees with soy milk as a milk alternative.

Chipotle branches in airports usually feature vegetarian burritos and tacos, all made with organic ingredients when possible and sourced from local farms as a best practice.

Need a healthy airport snack in a real rush? If you must turn to an airport snack stand for a healthy meal, look for Justin’s organic peanut butter packets and peanut butter cups, Cliff bars, or Luna bars.

Remember too that sometimes the best way to ensure a healthy meal is to pack it yourself.