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How to Complain in the US

how to complain in the us

First of all, let us point out that the American Airlines are demanded by the Department of Transportation to give their clients whatever information is needed in order to file in a complaint with the company. They have to display these details on their web sites, all e-ticket confirmations, as well as ticket counters or gates.

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How to Complain in the EU

how to complain in the eu

Suppose you were denied boarding, or were stranded in an European airport because your flight was cancelled or delayed and are not satisfied with the way the airline company handled your case, than you may as well try complaining.

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How to Complain in Canada

how to complain in canada

It is widely known that things do not always go as planned, that schedules are not always complied with and that we sometimes need to solve our problems by filling in a complaint. If you happen to feel that your rights were not observed in CANADA, you should know that The Canadian Transportation Agency managed… Read more »

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