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Airport Meditation Rooms: 9 Spots for Zen on the Go

Looking for a quiet place to Zen out at the airport? There are several airport meditation rooms around the world that allow travelers to rest and recharge – their body and their spirit – while waiting for a flight.

Travel should be a good thing. It should be a enjoyable way to connect with people, places, and exciting experiences.

Sometimes, taking a breather in an airport meditation room can put us in the right frame of mind to fully embrace what’s on the other end of our flight.

Occasionally, travel plans don’t go as expected. Flights get delayed or bad weather sets it.

Airport meditation rooms can be just what we need to relax our soul in the midst of challenges like these.

If you find yourself with extra time at one of the following airports – and you’re in need of some peace and tranquility – consider visiting the highlighted meditation rooms.

San Francisco International Airport, California (SFO)

The meditation room at San Francisco International Airport is in Terminal 2. This space doubles as a yoga studio, so you can calm your mind and practice asanas.

You’ll find the yoga and meditation room at SFO by following directional signs throughout the airport (they feature a yogi in a lotus pose).

When you arrive in the studio, settle into the 150-square-foot haven that “gives modern travelers a space that fosters and supports quiet and reflection,” says the studio’s design director Melissa Mizell.

The meditation room at San Francisco International Airport

The meditation room at San Francisco International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas (DFW)

If you have an hour or so to kill at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, think about stepping away from the crowds and the bustle to spend time in this airport’s yoga room.

The meditation and yoga space at DFW is just a partitioned-off little area, (rather than a dedicated, enclosed room), but it serves its purpose.

The screened off section of the airport helps travelers unwind and undo any stress they may be feeling.

The makeshift studio offers mats for yoga and a little “LiveWell” walking path for those who want to just move a bit before they fly out.

The meditation and yoga space at DFW

The meditation and yoga space at DFW

Burlington International Airport, Vermont (BTV)

Burlington International Airport recently jumped on the trend of providing meditation and yoga space for travelers.

This airport meditation room comes courtesy of Evolution Yoga, a local studio that solicited donations from local businesses and then put the experience together.

Eugene Richards, interim director of the Burlington International Airport, says that traveling can be stressful and they try to take a little bit of that out through services like the yoga room.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina (RDU)

Passing through Raleigh-Durham International Airport? If so, enjoy some solitude at the RDU Meditation Center in the ticketing lobby of Terminal 2.

This airport meditation space is accessible pre-security, and it’s open 24 hours a day.

Albuquerque International Sunport, New Mexico (ABQ)

At Albuquerque International Sunport, there’s a “sort of non-denominational chapel,” as one passenger puts it, that might as well be considered a meditation room.

This quiet space is perfect for coming back to center after a flight into ABQ. It’s easy to get to before you head to baggage claim and it features recently upholstered bancos for resting.

O’Hare International Airport, Chicago Illinois (ORD)

O’Hare Airport’s yoga and meditation room sits on the mezzanine level of the Terminal 3 rotunda. This space is quite large among airport meditation rooms (it measures 15×16 feet).

It has floor-to-ceiling mirrors, yoga mats, and a video monitor that plays images of nature (accompanied by soothing sounds) or proper yoga techniques.

O’Hare International Airport Yoga Room

O’Hare International Airport Yoga Room

San Diego International Airport, California (SAN)

The serene meditation area at San Diego International Airport opened in 2014 in Terminal 2.

Airport executives called upon artist Norie Sato to create a peaceful place for quiet reflection, and she did just that by providing tranquil design touches like simple wood benches and a non-denominational sculpture altar.

The mediation room at SAN has glass panel walls that depict waves of water dotted with sunlight. These images come from photos that Sato took of the San Diego Harbor.

San Diego International Airport Meditation Room

San Diego International Airport Meditation Room

Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam (AMS)

Wondering where you can meditate at the airport outside of the United States?

At Schiphol International Airport, stop by the meditation center and still yourself in an area filled with high ceilings, stained-glass windows, and chairs positioned around a central podium.

Travelers love the separate reading room, which offers books and magazines.

This airport meditation spot even has a place where you can meet with representatives of different faiths.

Schiphol International Airport Meditation Center

Schiphol International Airport Meditation Center

London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom (LHR)

Heading to London Heathrow Airport? You can meditate and exercise in the yoga room that’s inside of the SkyTeam Lounge, in Terminal 4 (opposite Gate 10).

Yoga mats and a SkyTeam yoga video help many travelers through their yoga experience in this meditation room.

Do you know of any great places for meditation at airports that you can share with our readers? If so, please share in the comments below?