Seat Map US Airways Boeing B767 200 ER

Seat map for US Airways Boeing B767 200 ER

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Business Class53-5518.518
Economy Class31-3217-18186

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There are 10 B767-200s in US Airway’s fleet, which has a total of 384 planes in its mainline group. The B767-200 is one of US Airways’ wide-bodied aircraft and flies mainly transatlantic routes. The aircraft features audio and video entertainment systems, and has a total seating capacity of 203 passengers. The standard layout is 24 first class seats and 179 Economy class.
Audio and/or video entertainment is provided on select A319, A320, A321, A330, B757 and B767 planes. Headset may be purchased for $5 to listen to a choice of ten music channels and a selection of video programmes.
Airfone service is available on every row of seats on most US Airways planes.

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FromPhiladelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
ToZurich-Zürich-Kloten (ZZurich
We waited on the Tarmac for 1.5 hours prior to take off which added
To an already long flight. The flight was bumpy at times and the seats and leg room were very tight making sleep all but impossible. The lady behind me was very put off that I reclined my seat the small amount it would recline and continually bumped and jarred my seat back out of passive aggression. It was doable but uncomfortable to say the least. Movies were redeeming factor that made it tolerable.
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4 of 5
Flight left on time, but had air condition break down befor we took off so we were not on it long. So every one had to unload. Yes this was a mess HOWEVER I want you to know, the staff had to find us a new flight they were great. They had over two hundred people to reflight. They were all very helpful and nice doing what ever it took to get every one back on flights. Thing happen and they handeled the best they could.
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FromPhiladelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
ToZurich-Zürich-Kloten (ZRH)
Flight departure / arrival were perfect, no issues. Flight crew fantastic. Seats were old and terribly small / uncomfortable. Very little storage space (awful for international flight). Entertainment systems did not work well and were the old fashioned portable kind, where you had to insert into holder by the seat. Food was fine. In general, it was poor at best for an international flight considering it was business class.
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1.5 of 5
ToPhiladelphia-Philadelphia International(PHL)
The most cramped seats I ever sat in. I hurt my back getting in and out several times during the flight. I will look for a new airline with larger seats.
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FromDublin-Dublin (DUB)
ToPhiladelphia-Philadelphia International (PHL)
Over the wing but still had some good sight lines .
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FromHonolulu - Honolulu International (HNL)
ToLas Vegas - Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
ok seats
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