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Global Firstsleeping space 6'621.712
Business Firstsleeping space 6'418.852
Economy Plus3417-17.288

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This aircraft belongs to the Boeing 747 family. United has a total of 32 Boeing 747 in operation. It has 404 seats, 14 in First class, 73 in Business Class and 260 in Economy class (88 Economy Plus, 172 Economy). This is a long-haul aircraft with a range of 13,000km which flies to East Asia and the South Pacific as well as Washington-Heathrow/Frankfurt. The most popular nickname for this plane is the “Jumbo” or “Jumbo Jet”.
ECONOMY PLUS offers premium seating with up to 5 more inches of legroom at the front of the Economy cabins. Rest or work comfortably, stretch out your legs and enjoy a quick de-boarding with Economy Plus, available throughout the fleet. Economy Plus is available on a first come, first serve basis to United’s best customers (Mileage Plus® Elite members (Premier®, Premier Executive®, 1K®,Qualifying United Economy® customers (Y, B, M, E and U fares, United Global ServicesSM members, and Star Alliance® Gold and Silver members) Customers may also relax with extra legroom by purchasing Economy Plus at check-in or purchasing Economy Plus Access. United is the only major US airline to offer premium economy seating throughout its mainline fleet. Economy Plus is available on all United and TedSM flights, as well as explusSM United Express jets.
United FIRST Class passengers travelling within the States have audio entertainment facilities with complimentary headsets on all flights, movies on flights over 3 hours (except B737s) and comfy seating. The p.s. SM Premium transcontinental service offered on flights between New York (JFK) and Los Angeles or San Francisco offers lie-flat seats and individual, hand-held DVD players with 10 entertainment choices. International amenities include United First seats on B767-300s which offer power ports, individual phones, noise-reducing headphones and an individual audio/video system. 180º recline is available in the United First Suite on B747s and B777s along with a personal video screen, phone and power port.
United ECONOMY passengers on domestic flights have access to the Verizon Airfone service, can watch a complimentary movie on flights over 3 hours or watch a short subject video programming on flights of ninety minutes or longer (except B737s) and enjoy audio entertainment with complimentary headsets. On p.s.SM Premium transcontinental flights between New York (JFK) and Los Angeles or San Francisco, passengers are offered all Economy Plus seating. International amenities include complimentary video and audio on all flights and seat back video screens on all international three-cabin 767-300 and 777 aircraft.
The p.s.SM SERVICE features a newly reconfigured aircraft with three classes of service, more space and a premium onboard experience. All classes of service feature laptop power and phone access from every seat. In addition, no power adapters are needed for laptops. Business Class passengers can relax in spacious, comfortable leather seats and watch telly on an individual handheld DVD player with 10 entertainment choices and noise-reduction headsets.
United offers in-seat power when you fly United First or United Business on B767-300s, B747-400s and B777s. Select B757 and A320 aircraft have in-seat power in United First. On transcontinental p.s.SM aircrafts, all classes of service feature laptop power access from every seat with no power adaptors required.
”Verizon Airfone” is available on all United aircraft. You can use an Airfone to check or send email by plugging your laptop’s phone cord into the base of the Airfone handset (RJ-11 jack). Connection speed is 9600 bps. Additional information may be found in our in-flight magazine, Hemispheres.
United has five families of aircraft: B737-300/500, B747-400, B757/767, B777 and Airbus 319/320. United has one of the world’s youngest and most efficient operating fleets, with an average age of 8.0 years and is now the only major U.S. carrier with entertainment systems on all of its aircraft and has one of the highest percentages (62 percent) of video-equipped aircraft.

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2.5 of 5
FromSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International(SFO)
ToSeoul-Incheon International(ICN)
This seat was one of the more forward Economy seats on UA's flight from SFO to Incheon. United didn't sell out, so the middle seat next to me was empty. This seat would be uncomfortable on a full flight, as would all of Economy and Economy plus. But given the situation, this sear is in a convenient spot, close enough to the toilet and the galley, but not on top of it, with a good view of both main screen and smaller video screen. Nothing that UA did changed my view that UA's economy is drab these days with shockingly bad food and expensive alcoholic drinks (US$7 for a domestic beer). It didn't appear that Economy plus was much better. Leg room is inadequate, given I am short and still find the seats cramped. The selection of movies was acceptable- I did not download the app to browse through UA entertainment on line. There are no power plugs in Economy and I needed to save my battery power for work.
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5 of 5
Fromtoronto, canada
ToLondon, United Kingdom
I'm a little skeptical that you call this plane a clunker. One of the best planes ever built. Virtually everything was right when they rolled out the first 747-100 to this one. Its not the Dreamliner, but hey it was the cutting edge of Aviation History. still dominates the sky as a Cargo Option Combi. The only concern now is operation cost. That's why Boeing released the 787 series. for pilots this planes handles like a dream and responds like a small turboprop. Only difference is the flare begins earlier due to the height. It can fly around the world making two stops. With new Fuel additives this aircraft could see another 10+ yrs easy. Airlines still like it as 100+ orders are coming in from major carriers for the 747-8 series.
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3.5 of 5
FromBangkok-Suvarnabhumi International(BKK)
ToTokyo-New Tokyo International Airport(NRT)
I flew this plane before UA had begun its conversion to new seats. Not a moment too soon! The first class seat was a major disappointment. Yes, it did go fully flat and allowed me to catch a few hours of sleep on the way to Tokyo, but I had to concentrate on not fixating as to how filthy the seat was when I slept. The upholstery is showing its age and there are stains -- unidentifiable to the naked eye -- ground into the fabric. There were still crumbs around the seat that did not look particularly fresh. I don't think it was the result of a poor cleaning in BKK but rather poor maintenance all around.
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3 of 5
FromSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
ToFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Great area to try and get some rest for a very long flight. We chose the seats due to my husband being an extremely broad shouldered man. He had extra shoulder room in seat B because there was no A seat. Those extra inches make a big difference. Yes, it is louder in the back of the plane, but we just plugged in our iPods, closed our eyes, and tried to forget about the long hours ahead. On the return flight, we upgraded to the Economy Plus seats in row 21. Nope, would have rather had rows 58-60 again. The gentleman behind us in the last row, 60, had room to recline his seat. Said he always chooses this row when on International flights.
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5 of 5
FromHong Kong-Hong Kong International(HKG)
The best point about 7G is that you don't even feel the plane's movements. I don't even feel much turbulence even when it was announced. UA's Asian service is stellar! The Business Class (new) seats are amazing. They are so good that I flew it about 3 times - using miles as well as revenue. Too many announcements (trilingual - English, Cantonese and Putonghua) thus disrupting IFE. Food is not bad from HKG, but SUPERIOR from Singapore. A "must experience" kind of flight! If in Economy Plus, it's rather rough when you're flying transpacific with no upgrade. A true pain in the ass - if you suffer from hemorrhoids!!
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FromHong Kong-Hong Kong International(HKG)
ToSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International(SFO)
My wife and I had 14 J and K. Overall we were pleased with the privacy and space in the upper deck of the 747-400. The overhead storage is not as good as the business class below, however the storage closet area means you do not have to hall your stuff to seat. The window storage (if you are a couple is good tho). Yes, when the flight crew goes to the bathroom, the upper deck bathrooms are closed off but no big deal. With all the food, you wont starve on the trip.
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3.5 of 5
FromSydney-Kingsford Smith(SYD)
Glad I only had to do a short hop from SYD to MEL in this clunker. The seats may have been cutting edge 20 years ago, but they are horribly dated. I had avoided taking UA to SYD in the first place, opting instead for NZ via HNL. For a short hop it was fine, but I wouldn't want to try to get any serious sleep in these seats. Am eager to try UA's new J class seats, which seem to be getting favourable reviews.
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4.5 of 5
FromSan Francisco
Excellent Seat. A bit strange to the eye as your seat is pointing in about 10 degrees so it appears as if you are not going straight on take off and landing. Seats 1A and 1K are a bit close. But not like Economy or Business Class. Lot's of Room. 2A and 2K are the better of the seats but you have a closet next to you in the center of the Aircraft that could be bothersome. Unites First Class Suites are great for the LONG TRIPS.
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FromSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
ToShanghai-Pu Dong (PVG)
Should have paid more attention up front on reviews of this seat. VERY busy being next to galley door, carts moving in and out, hitting of shoulder as they go past. Crowded but almost livable otherwise. Seat pitch does not allow anyone with "girth" to lower table fully flat. Wish they would make table with a double fold so could choose a narrower (passenger to table) option. Grades given based on being 5'8", taller people will have legroom issue.
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3.5 of 5
The seats are really good. They almost recline completely, and the upper deck was really quiet and private, the place was perfect to rest in there. The seats are really spaced between each other so there was more even privacy.
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