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First Class3920.512
Economy Plus3517.742
Economy Class3017.796

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FromSeattle, WA-Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
ToNewark-Newark Liberty International (EWR)
This seat is an example of the standard and typical first class seating utilized by United Airlines both domestically within the US and on short-haul international routes. Relatively-speaking, it is an okay seat given the size and type of aircraft (Airbus A320) and on par with that proffered by other airlines utilizing aircraft of similar size domestically. Of course, it is not the same as the lie-flat seat found in business and first class on several of the larger aircraft used domestically by United (e.g. B-757, B-767, B-777 & B-787). Compared to the other seats in first class on this particular aircraft, this seat has the advantage of more personal space because there is only the bulkhead in front of you and thus no seatback that can recline backward into your space (and face). Moreover, as this seat is in the first row, it means you will be among the first passengers to receive inflight services (from the flight attendants) and you'll be among the first few persons off the plane (which can be advantageous if the flight is running late or you have a tight connection). The negatives are: (1) you have no under-seat storage space (because there is no seat in front of you); (2) there is no AV entertainment system; and, (3) you are close to the galley and lavatory. The noise from the galley may be disruptive when in use and you will hear the flushing of the toilet. Additionally, leg room may feel a bit restrictive - particularly if you're a tall person - because there is no under-seat space in front of you in which to place your feet. Also, light emanating from the galley/lavatory area may prove problematic for sleeping during long night flights (when the cabin has otherwise been darkened). Another potential issue of annoyance is the likelihood of overhearing the conversations and banter of the flight attendants who are hanging out in the galley area during lulls in inflight services. I don't begrudge them the right to socialize but, I as a passenger should not be subjected to hearing personal and private discussions and opinions about diverse topics of no interest or relevancy to me. If you do not have any way to "mute" or "tune out" the unwanted conversation then it may prove annoying to overhear. The problem is that you don't have much choice in the matter because you cannot simply move your seat and there is no AV entertainment system that you can utilize to “drown out” the noise. Obviously, if you have your own entertainment device - use it! This is about all I can say about the seat itself aside from observing that the finish/cover is leather and the cushion is sufficiently supportive and comfortable. Realistically, to some degree, one's perception of how good a seat is will be determined by the level of service and treatment provided by the flight attendants. If you have good service and are treated well - you'll feel more positive about the seat. Conversely, if service is shoddy and you're treated poorly - then you'll feel more negative about things. On my flight service was relatively good. The only other observation I'll mention is that the overhead storage space for our carry-on baggage had been taken over by the luggage of the flight attendants which forced us to find storage space elsewhere nearby (and thus take away storage space intended for other passengers).
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FromSeattle, WA-Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA)
ToNewark-Newark Liberty International (EWR)
This is a standard aisle seat located on the right side of the aircraft just a few rows behind the over-wing exit rows. It is one of what I call the "back-of-the-bus" seats featuring the new Slimline Recaro seating. In light of the trend by most of the domestic air carriers to squeeze as many seats/rows as possible into their airplanes, the best thing I can say about this seat is that it was adequate in terms of breadth, leg space and comfort. If you are 5' 10" or less in height, or a somewhat taller person with short legs, you will be able to sit in this seat and still have a couple of inches between your knees and the back of the seat in front of you. In other words, you don't have to sit upright and uptight and feel as though you cannot move or a frozen in place. The lumbar support of the seat back is neither better nor worse than any other typical economy/coach-class seat on United Airlines. I do wish that the seat cushion itself was more supportive - it felt soft and thin - perhaps because the density of the foam, filler or stuffing material used is lacking. On a long flight this seat may become uncomfortable and cause you to squirm a bit or want to get up and move around. Seat recline has been reduced and I was only able to move/tilt the seat back about two inches. Fortunately, for me, the middle seat on this flight was empty and that made my specific seat feel less confining and more bearable as I could spread out a bit (likewise for my seatmate in the adjoining window seat of this row). To reiterate my earlier comment, this seat was adequate and tolerable given the trend by the airlines of reducing seat pitch on their aircraft. Stated simply, it represents the new standard in air travel for the average passenger traveling on a budget.
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FromLas Vegas - Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
38F is the last seat on the aircraft before the toilet. Seat is wide and comfortable. I did not notice the flushing of the toilet.

I do believe all seats should have the plug in. Not sure why they are stripped out.
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The guess this United’s typical first class product. Not that great in my opinion. There is no foot rest and the seat doesn’t recline back enough. Seat was uncomfortable and no AVOD system. Food not that great either. Really not liking United Much
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FromSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
Seat was too short and no recline but plenty of leg room made it a good seat
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