Seat Map SriLankan Airlines Airbus A320 Config. 3

Seat map for SriLankan Airlines Airbus A320 Config. 3

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Business Class 12
Economy Class 138

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Seat 20F
From Bangalore
To Sharjah
Flew in Srilankan airlines as part of Code share flight from BLR to SHJ via CMB. Srilankan flight was from BLR to CMB. Mihin Lanka flight was from CMB to SHJ.This review is for Srilankan airlines flight. The aircraft was an Airbus A320.

The good:
-The airfares are low (sometimes).
-They serve free food.
- Some in flight entertainment is there
-Planes are clean and comfortable
-Take off and landing is very smooth
-Staff is very friendly

The bad:
-The flight was unduly delayed by half an hour
-They don't provide any headphones or anything to use the IFE if it is a short haul flight.
-They provide free accommodation for long connection flights only if some of their criteria of booking are met, which includes a high base fare and connection of over 8 hrs. For connection flights that don’t meet their criteria, they’ll at best give you free transport to and from the airport to the hotel.

I shall definitely fly Srilankan again

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Seat 26B
From Colombo
To Singapore
Flew to Singapore from CMB and back in economy calass the service was extremly excellent and could be catogorized as world class comparrative to other European airlines.

Food was served free with ample soft drinks and had second serving of food cabin crew was very polite, comfy takeoff and landing on both directions, seats were very comfortable with reasonable leg space, entertainment was on a medium scale but had a choice of selection since this was a shot haul flight but can not complain.

Draw back was they did not show the wings of the plane in the seat map and also taged the business class as economy class.

I will definitely recomend Srilankan for its courteious staff, clean and safe aircrafts.
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Seat 20D
From HRW
To Male-Male International(MLE)
We recently flew to the Maldives on SriLankan Airlines. The seats were very uncomfortable in economy class and the plane was very old. The inflight entertainment did not work and my seat was frayed and the tray table was broken. The food was very spicy with very little choice. I will not be using this airline again as we were extremely disappointed with them.
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Seat #NA
From Colombo-Bandaranayake (CMB)
To Kochi-Cochin International (COK)
flew from london to cochin via colombo return and we must have to say a big thanks to the srilankan cabin crew for the inflight service they gave and the veg meals were better then some of the airlines we have travelled in.We also had no problems with the checkin staff as they were also helpful.
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Seat 11A
From Dubai-Dubai(DXB)
To Colombo-Bandaranayake(CMB)
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Seat 5D
From Kochi-Cochin International (COK)
To Colombo-Bandaranayake (CMB)
The best seat in economy.Can leave the aircraft right behind the business class
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