Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 178PAX seat review by Tom Martin #27303

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Legroom3 of 5
Seat width5 of 5
Seat recline3 of 5
Entertainment3 of 5
Food & drink3 of 5
Service5 of 5
This was on a fairly new A-320. Nice interior, clean, and with the 28 inch pitch seats. Leg room not bad for an average person, although the seat in front of you seems awfully close, but not to worry, the seats don't recline. And the non-reclining seats aren't an issue, since most planes, the seats don't really recline much anyway.

Keep in mind, flying Spirit, you will pay for everything. They don't have wi-fi and they don't have IFE of PTVs. With that in mind, I had a wonderful flight to LAX, with a great group of flight attendants.

This was my first trip on Spirit, and I plan to continue flying them in the future!
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