Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 178PAX seat review by Brett #27284

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FromDallas, TX-Dallas/Fort Worth International(DFW)
ToPhiladelphia-Philadelphia International(PHL)
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You get what you pay for. My tickets were $104 cheaper than the next cheapest. They get you with the additional fees. Baggage fees, including carry on (anything larger than a purse, small backpack, or briefcase). They tell you that you have to pay to use the overhead compartment. The flight attendants were cordial, at best. One bumped my husband's arm and she didn't even slow down. An apology would have been nice. You are an in flight customer service rep, nothing more. You must pay for all in flight services, including a pillow and blanket ($7). They put you into a plane with the basic understanding that passengers are sardines. The seats do not recline at all and the padding for the seats is non-existent. There was a child sitting behind me who was somewhat restless, so I felt every move that he made. I'll be paying the additional money up front next time, going with a known airline who actually seems to care about their passengers, not just the amount of profit they can make from everyone. Ya got me once, Spirit..
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