Ryanair Boeing B737 800 seat review by I.Love.Ryanair #32768

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FromLondon - Stansted (STN)
ToMarrakech - Menara (RAK)
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This airline is a business, businesses are meant to make money - it's called 'profit' - and if they don't make one they go bust and nobody gets the chance to fly at these extremely low prices. If everyone just paid for their flight and nothing else the profits would be so low it wouldn't be worth Ryanair carrying on. It's a Budget Airline, it's never claimed to be anything else and if Budget is not what you want then you don't have to fly Ryanair, it's a free market so fly with another airline - you won't be missed. The profits are made with the extras and add-ons that are available but you don't have to buy them. You'll get what you paid (next to nothing ) for - a seat. Ryanair isn't a charity or one of the caring professions so why expect charity from them and for them to care about your whining crying children, they're your children and you know children cry so put your hand in your pocket and pay that bit extra for your children to have less to cry about. It's not the airlines problem - or the other passengers. If you're 5' 2" tall then you know you're 5' 2" tall and probably have know it for a while so why moan that your height, or lack of it, is a problem because of the seat - that you paid for and wouldn't pay a few £ extra to choose another - is somewhere you don't like and you can't lift your bag up to the locker. Unbelievable! Grow up and join the real world. Petty annoyances like this are pathetic - you couldn't reach the locker so had to ask another passenger - what on earth will you do if you ever have a real problem. I hope above all else I'm never on a flight with the whining moaning people who've reviewed this airline - and now the whole world can see how ridiculous you are. Ryanair has a 100% safety record, not a single fatality since it first started. 400+ million passengers and never lost a one - Quantas can't say that. The 'safest airline' has had lots of fatal aircrashes. I'm grateful for Ryanair and while I would never say it's enjoyable flying with them it could be a lot worse and a lot more expensive. Thanks to Ryanair dozens - hundreds - probably thousands - more people have been able to have better holidays and more of them. Stop looking for faults and life will be a lot more pleasant and run a lot more smoothly no matter which f*ck*ng seat you're sat on. My son was Ryan, I'd never fly with any other airline now. From every window Ryan is with me all the way wherever I go. Moaners who can't reach the lockers and whingers who can't sit next to their friend for 2.5 hours (yaaawn) and parents who'd rather have the money instead of a bit of comfort for their children but think they should have what everyone else pays for because their children aren't happy - there are people who'd love it - absolutely love it - if that was the only problem they had. Have they never heard that you get what you pay for, or do they think it's not meant to apply to them. I love Ryanair and I'm happy to say it.
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