Northwest Airlines Boeing B747 400 seat review by mike H TEAVEY #26645

4.5 of 5
Detailed ratings
Legroom5 of 5
Seat width5 of 5
Seat recline4 of 5
Entertainment3 of 5
Food & drink4 of 5
Service5 of 5
This was the first time I'd flown first class and, to a relatively unseasoned flyer, I found the whole thing a bit overwhelming. Of course, I loved the seats. As Ethan mentioned, they don't fold down totally flat but, to be honest, I find them a bit more comfortable when they're slightly raised. It's only a matter of a few degrees, if that's important to anybody.
The food was great, although a little to much/too often for my taste. I prefer to be left alone on a flight. The landing was a little bumpy, due to string winds in Hawaii.
I'd always dreamed of being an airline pilot since I was a boy, but now, at my age, I guess I'm going to have to resign myself to the fact that the only flying I'm going to be doing is on my pc, on a flight simulator.
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