Seat Map LATAM Airlines Brasil Airbus A330 200

Seat map for LATAM Airlines Brasil Airbus A330 200

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First Class 80" 22" 4
Business Class 63" 21" 36
Space + 34" 18" 15
Economy Class 32" 18" 168

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4.5 of 5
Seat 16D
From Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos(GRU)
To New York-John F Kennedy Intl(JFK)
This was an excellent seat. 16D is a bulkhead seat, so you need to store all of your belongings in the overhead bin. Other passengers do tend to use the area in front of the bulkhead to cross from one side of the cabin to the other, but on this 10 hour flight, it only happened once or twice. The advantage of being in the bulkhead area easily outweighed the slight inconvenience, as you did not need to worry about anyone in front of you reclining their set, and I was able to stretch my legs into the business class area.

The in-flight entertainment really shined, as each shape had its own audio/video console. The economy service was easily comparable to domestic business class in the United States.

I would definitely fly TAM again based on this experience.
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4.5 of 5
Seat 5G
From Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos(GRU)
To Miami-Miami International Airport(MIA)
I always fly TAM but this time I flew Business and it was the worse flight I have ever been on due to a family with three small kids in Business who creid, whined, ran up and down the aisle, laid in the aisle and whatever other annoying behavior you can think of. The father did nothing, the flight attendents did nothing and the mother was so overwhelemed with it all...she bore the brunt of it all. Bottom line, they should not allow children under a certain age in Business or First Class. I wrote a letter to TAM, not complaining, just giving my experience and it has been over a year and no one has responded by letter nor email.
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Seat 29h
From Buenos Aires-Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE)
To Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
A viagem foi extremamente rápida e confortável, com exceção do embarque confuso e desorganizado no portão 17 do Ezeiza. A aeronave estava limpa, organizada e o voo saiu no horário previsto. Um pouco após a decolagem foram servidas balas e um lanche fraco para o porte da empresa e do avião, serviam um sanduíche de queijo e presunto gelado, com sucos e refrigerantes, terminando com um Bom Bom de chocolate. O sistema de entretenimento contava com telas individuais e uma grade muito variada de programação, com filmes e documentários bastante atuais, e estilos musicais bem variados. Em resumo a viagem foi satisfatória, pecando apenas na alimentação, que se comparado a outras grandes empresas, fica no chinelo.
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Seat 36g
From Bogota
To Santiago de Chile
As usual latam, provide a very Poot service, this flight was operate for another airline wamos from Spain, without any notice when I bought the ticket. But keeping the latam style my seat was suppose to had more room for my legs I am 1,89 tall, and bought the extra room seat for additional 56 USD, the seat was small and narrow and the leg room was almost no different from the regular seats, in summary as usual latam a bad experience. The plane was an airbus A330-200
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Seat 17A
From Sao Paulo - Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
To New York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
The flight das very nice but the attendants were horrible. They seemed to be in a bad mood all the time. And I was very disappointed with the Economic Premium seats. Not much difference from the Economic seats. I've skipped the dinner and the breakfast was lousy. I use to fly AA and I thought the merger between TAM and LAM would make it better. Unfortunately I was wrong.
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Seat 6K
From MAD- Madrid Intl.
To HRU- Guarulhos Intl.
The flight couldn't even be better. The crew really was the best! Since the check-in until the aircaft landing they were very helpful and funny. The seat wasn't 180 degrees, but it was really comfortable. The meal was great: you have many options to choose. The pilot was excelent! It was a great flight.
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Seat 22A
From mexico
To Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
El asiento es una pesadilla. Mido menos de 1.8 m, y mis rodillas se clavaban contra el asiento de adelante. Las 9 horas más largas de mi vida. Fuera de eso, el personal de abordo atiende muy amablemente.
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3.5 of 5
Seat 33D
From Miami-Miami International Airport(MIA)
To Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos(GRU)
Overall, the experience of flying the A330 was satisfactory. Even though the flight attendants's service took longer than it was supposed to, the seat has a fair legroom and the restrooms were kept clean.
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Seat 1d
From Garulhos
To Orlado
Wonderful service. Since check-in you receive special treatment. The seat is very large, only four seat, very cozy indeed. There is no complaint to be made.
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Seat 19D
From Sao Paulo-Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos (GRU)
To Madrid-Barajas (MAD)
Very quiet and comfortable plane. Nice legroom, I was able to sleep pretty comfortable. The only setback Was the few number of toilets for the whole economy sector.
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