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This aircraft belongs to the Airbus A340 family. Iberia has a total of 30 Airbus A340s in operation, with 18 in this series. It has a total seating capacity of 249-260 passengers. The layout shown here has 5 First class seats, 46 seats in Business Class and 202 in Economy class. This is a long-haul aircraft with a range of 12,700 km.
First class passengers have individual 10.4” touch screens with a wide variety of programmes. There are individual power points which cater for European and American plugs. Text messages and e-mails can be sent using the Matschusita 3000i system. There is also an individual telephone which also acts as the control for all entertainment options.
Business class passengers have individual screens and telephones on the Boeing 747-200, 747-300 and the Airbus 340. There are power sockets for portable computers.
On flights over four hours long there are about 15 audio channels to choose from and at least two films are shown in Tourist class on long-haul flights. Public phones are available on the following planes: Boeing-747-200, 747-300, Airbus A32A, A340-600 and A-340.
Trivia Tip: The Airbus A-340 was the first plane to fly Iberia´s longest route – Madrid-Santiago in Chile – on January 4th 1998. This model has beaten four world records for length and speed of flight; the fastest return journey from Australia to France, or the fastest round the world flight for a plane of this type being two of them. Iberia´s fleet of Airbus A340 are named after illustrious Spanish women, María Moliner amongst them. They are the first planes in the whole of Iberia´s fleet to have the name of a woman.

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ToNew York
Everything from the moment I boarded the plane until I departed was EXCELLENT. I travel often and I was very impressed with this new plane. Business class was amazing. The seats were so comfortable converted into a bed and the flight attendants were there to serve you. The food was simply delicious. I was so impressed that I just booked this exact flight next summer in business class. If I had to say one negative comment the move selection was not that great and it's a long flight home, however the food wine and great service in business class helped make it a wonderful flight!
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3.5 of 5
ToRio De Janiro
I've flowen on Iberia Airbus A343 to Rio and when i arrived to my place i was shocked when i saw that there are PTV'S! with touch screen and plenty of movies. In the IB web it was written that the flight is operated by another carier, the plane was just a normal Iberia plane. Anyway I flown also in Dec to Buenos Aires also with Iberia ,this time with the A346 and there wasen't PTV's... But the service is really well.
**In both planes there are pretty much room! and very comfortable seats.
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ToWashington, DC-Washington Dulles International(IAD)
Seats and legroom are the best thing IB has to offer. Their wine list is very good as well. The flight attendants rushed the service and seemed very uncordinated. They failed to provide my seat mate with an entree and had to scrape after thinking we were joking that he never got anything. They seemed to spend more time with their friends and family in the back. This seems to be typical.
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FromChicago O'hare
Stay away from 33G. Arm rests do not move. Seat is smaller than all the others.

As for the other review...The flight entertainment was awful. There was no individual TVs on this 300 series plane. It actually had to be one of the 1st planes of that model made.

Food was very good...Service was good. Flight attendants were always around for your needs.

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FromLos Angeles-Los Angeles International(LAX)
ToPapeete-Faa'a International(PPT)
This is was my 1st experience with the Airbus and it was a very good one. There is ample room; more than flying first class on many other flights. We have gotten very advanced & the personal TV screen and various modes are impressive. Well worth the $800 upgrade on the 9 hour flight. Worth twice the money, I was well rested when I got to my final destination.
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FromQuito-Mariscal Sucre (UIO)
ToMadrid-Barajas (MAD)
Business Cabin compartment on Flight from Quito to Madrid was stale and unpleasant which was understandable given limited turnaround after long incoming flight. After short stopover in Guayaquil cabin still smelled musty. Flat bed somewhat hard and unforgiving on ageing bones. Emirates style mattress would have helped. Movie selection poor. Service however very good and attentive and food and drink very good.
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FromPanama City - Tocumen International (PTY)
ToMadrid - Barajas (MAD)
Leg room and recline space is fair. Seat width is OK too. Only shame that Iberia uses its oldest A340 for such a frequented route. This must be one of the first A340s ever acquired by Iberia. Food quality is very poor. Entertainment system is very old too. Better gear up with some media or a book if you stay awake (night flight)
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FromMadrid - Barajas (MAD)
ToFiladelfia - Filadelfia (FLM)
A la ida de Madrid a Filadelfia el día 28 con US Airways no está mal el avión, pero mucho mejor la vuelta con IBERIA de Chicago a Madrid, el servicio de IBERIA es de 10, es avión nuevo, los asientos 3A y 3C. El personal de IBERIA super atento, profesional. Siempre volaré con IBERIA
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FromMadrid-Barajas (MAD)
ToQuito-Mariscal Sucre (UIO)
No personal TV's on each seat. Good service though, and in spite of the age of the aircraft, it's still comfortable to fly them. I've never had the chance to fly the -600 aircraft, but I had a good time on board -300.
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4.5 of 5
FromMadrid-Barajas (MAD)
ToMiami-Miami International Airport (MIA)
Seats where comfortable but might be a bit narrow for some people, but it was fine for me. Good service and food was of good quality. Not a lot of choice for movies. Overall better then expected
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