Seat Map Delta Air Lines Bombardier CRJ 200 (ExpresJet)

Seat map for Delta Air Lines Bombardier CRJ 200 (ExpresJet)

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Economy Class31"17.3"50

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2.5 of 5
ToSalt Lake City, UT-Salt Lake City International(SLC)
I am not a fan of this commuter jet, despite its quiet operation. At 6'1", sitting in a window seat was uncomfortable due to the curvature of the cabin. Taller passengers might want to consider an aisle seat for maximum comfort. As others have noted, row 7 in front of the emergency exit does not recline. And there isn't any advantage to choosing the emergency row if you're looking for extra legroom, as it's the same pitch as the other seats. The lavatory on this plane is smaller than a phone booth--assuming you still remember what those were!--and the curvature of the cabin puts your face against the wall immediately after opening the door to enter. Also, for some annoying reason known only to the Delta operations folks, the flights operated by Skywest seldom let you make a seat selection prior to checkin.
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FromDuluth - Duluth International (DLH)
ToMinneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl (MSP)
This plane is truly miserable. The first row in in the bulkhead, so nowhere to store your belongings. I've flown on these multiple times and can safely say that they are terrible, and there really isn't a good seat in the plane. They are typically freezing cold, with the exception of the one time I was on one and it felt as hot as the Indian subcontinent. The worst part of these planes, however, is that the fuselage curves into the window seat area, forcing you to mold your body to the contour of the plane. I will say that the aisle seats are bad as well, but definitely the lesser of the two evils.
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Tocvg return
One of the few airborne ways to get to Cincinnati from Toronto.Use it quite a bit.Apart from the inevitable delays with departures,(having only experienced departure delays on CJR 100 at CVG),the ride is an uncomfortable one. There is inadequate headspace, cramped seating, and scant legroom.
At the Toronto end disembarkation often requires a ladder. Sa la vie. There seem to be few alternatives judging from Air Canada and Delta.
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This is the smallest plane I have ever flown in. On the first leg of my trip I made the mistake of choosing row 7 which did not recline. My larger than average frame made my trip very uncomfortable. On the return I was in row 9 which did recline and improved my comfort somewhat. Overhead storage was minimal so bags were collected at the door and returned when we exited.
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FromBaton rouge metropolitan
This is the smallest plane I've been on, I was sitting at window seat so i diddnt have enough headspace to be comfortable since I'm over 6ft tall,recline was basic, basic FA service, and not a lot of overhead storage available, but when claiming your bag on the arrival air bridge isn't as hactic as deltas bigger routes because of the fact that its a small plain carrying 50 people.
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FromAtlanta, GA-Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International(ATL)
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ToMemphis-Memphis International(MEM)
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