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ToMahè Island

We paid extra for Premium Economy seats on a Condor flight. We were assigned places 6H and 6K straight behind the separation barrier. They were so tight we could hardly move, let alone stretching our legs. We checked the ordinary economy seats behind barriers (22H and 22K) and realised that the space available was basically the same we had. In reality even the normal economy seats (provided they are not behind the barrier) are better than the one assigned to us. In conclusion we paid approx. 400€ extra for the worst seats on the plane, a couple of free drinks and a sleepless night.
It's simply not fair and probably illegal (our lawyer is working on it) to make us pay for seats better than the economy ones and deliver seats worse than the normal economy seats, if we do not receive some sort of compensation we will never fly Condor again or, lacking alternatives, we will change destination.

RETURN CONDOR FLIGHT (DE5303 - 26 Feb 2011)

We had seats 7E-7G, quite comfortable. In 6H 6K there was a middle age couple, when we walked in, they were standing in the aisle looking at the seats in disbelief. They where really upset, probably even more than we were, the stewardess tried to calm them down and asked everybody around, looking for someone prepared to swap seats...obviously without success... there are plenty of stupid people around ... but not that stupid!!
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ToSan Juan
Most reviews for this company have a lot of complaints in them, and i honestly started my trip hoping for the worst, but after travelling with them, it will be difficult for me to find any actual flaws to what they have to offer. Although i reserved my seat in advance which gave me a lot of extra leg room, what i did get was beyond my expect. I would say this seat and the one on the opposite side are the best seats in economy class and it's worth paying a bit more to get the comfort you need for a 10+ hour long flight. Regular, non exit row seats do seem to lack leg room, but im relatively tall myself so im guessing it wouldn't pose a huge problem to a smaller person unless they expect practically first class seats like some people obviously do. Cabin crew is extremely friendly and willing to help, food is one of the best I've ever had on a plane and there was not a single problem throughout the travel. Overall, i would say i got an incredibly satisfying deal for so little money and such a great distance. I would definitely fly Condor again and i probably will.
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FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToCalgary, AB-Calgary International Airport (YYC)
We had seats 7 H and K. This afforded us more leg room than regular economy seating on any airline I have ever traveled any where in the world for about the same cost per seat. Previous reviewers have stated that regular Condor economy seat leg room was tight. I would say, more to the point, that it is quite tight. In Premier Economy you are provided with an improved meal, complementary adult beverages with your meal, a flight bag of goodies including socks, mask, ear buds and tooth brush. But the best element was the increased leg room. The main issue on this aircraft is the lack of toilet facilities. There were only 4 accessible as the crew parked a cart in front of the one in the centre of the plane making it unaccessible. Also the service, while timely, was discourteous and cold. For entertainment you had to harken back to the good old days where central monitors displayed communal programming. The two movies were current. Another bonus with premier seating was that the seats reclined almost as much as business class, making for a better sleep.
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FromLas Vegas - Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
ToFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Hallo, ich habe gerade diese Seite gefunden und festgestellt, dass Condor Airlines ihr Erscheinungsbild geändert hat. Ich muss sagen, es gefällt mir sehr gut.
Ich lebe seit vielen Jahren in Las Vegas, aber mein Heimatland ist Deutschland. Condor war vor vielen Jahren die erste und einzige Fluggesellschaft, mit der ich direkt nach Frankfurt fliegen konnte.
Ich kann gar nicht beschreiben, wie wunderbar es war, dass ich nicht an einem anderen Flughafen umsteigen musste. Ich lehnte mich in meinem Sitz zurück und genoss den Flug. Es war ein wunderbarer Flug und ich habe mich wohl gefühlt.
Letztes Jahr bin ich wieder mit Condor Airlines geflogen. Es war ein sehr schöner und einfacher Flug, aber ich war nicht glücklich darüber, dass die Sitze so nah beieinander lagen. Ich habe lange Beine und es war sehr unangenehm für mich. Ich bin 73 Jahre alt und für mich ist es viel Geld, nach Deutschland zu fliegen und mich dann wie eine Sadine in der Dose zu fühlen. Leider war die Business Class komplett ausgebucht.
Ich mag Condor Airlines immer noch und werde bei meiner nächsten Auslandsreise wieder mit ihnen fliegen. Hoffentlich mehr Beinfreiheit und nicht zu teuer.
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FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToSanto Domingo-Las Americas (SDQ)
As I am not sure how much this mail and it's contents are worth to write back, I give it a chance.
Well, overall my first flight with CONDOR was acceptable having good service, comfortable seats on Premium Economy and we been provided good reading material, but only in German though a great number of passenger are from non German speaking countries.
Incidentally on my return flight from Frankfurt to Santo Domingo on Wednesday 16 July, we been handed out in Premium Economy a nice menus card indicating that Turkey will be served.
Instead there was chicken and pasta, so I consider this as bad planning or waste of resources as the nicely printed menu card was not necessary.

However, my real disappointment came as I was told during check in that I am not allowed to upgrade using my accumulated Miles and More miles, though there have been at least four seats in business class vacant.
This is disappointing and clients shall be able to use moles during check in for upgrading.
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FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToBridgetown-Grantley Adams International (BGI)
We had seats 36AB and 37AB on the flight to Bridgetown. Seats 37HK and 38HK on the flight from PUJ to FRA. What else can you expect from the economy seats as not too much legroom? But it was fair. The kids (4 and 6) could sleep on our knees up to 4 hours. Food was tasty, drinks served fine. We were served with one alcoholic welcome drink (as present of the crew) before the dinner. The rest of the alcoholic drinks were charged, non-alcoholic drinks included. Entertainment above the average - movies which we wanted to go into the cinema. Two sound channels (German and English), 10 more music/entertainment options. For some extra charge you may choose your preferred seats in the Economy class as well, so you can avoid bad seating or early check in at the Airport.
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ToPunta Cana and back
The worst airlines and plane I have ever traveled with. Legroom for dwarfs (with my 160 cm I had not enough place for my legs), food as at the worst fast food restaurants, entertainment like from the last century - no USB connection, no individual tv screen, just common screens with headsets which did not work. We had to travel 11 hours in a plain which is not acceptable for long distances. It was like a flight with one of the low cost airlines. Shame on Thomas Cook and Condor because they spoil the good reputation of german air companies. We will not travel with Condor anymore for sure.
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FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToLas Vegas-Mc Carran Intl (LAS)
I will definitely fly Condor again. This was the first time for my wife and I, plus one other couple, to fly Condor.
We all agreed it was a pleasant experience!!! and decided we will fly Condor again going to and from Europe.
I can't say anything nice about the U.S. Customs handling at Las Vegas Airport . It was embarrassing as a US Citizen. Over 600 passengers and only two Inspectors at the Customs Declaration gate.
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FromFrankfurt-Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToFort Lauderdale, FL-Fort Lauderdale/hollywood International (FLL)
I was on this aircraft for about an 8 1/2 hour flight back to Fort Lauderdale. To my standards there was nothing to complain about. They had countless music, one the movie and one TV show. And the crew was just amazing. I would love to fly with condor again.
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FromFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
ToRecife - Guararapes Intl (REC)
As the cabin figuration has been upgraded, a job very well done, I only can recommend the premium class. Wide enough to relax, seat recline is better than in the normal economy, leg room for the price was better than expected. noise from the engines is low. Food and service as well nothing to complain.
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