British Airways Boeing B777 300 seat review by Nilgun #35535

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Seat recline3 of 5
Entertainment3 of 5
Food & drink2 of 5
Service2 of 5
This is a rear facing window business class seat in a ridiculously designed Club world section. You sit facing your seat mate and although there is a plastic screen, the crew bring it down every time they want to serve you food or drinks so you're often eye to eye with a stranger. The seat is not a pod, it has a foot rest you bring down which when you elongate your seat provides the lay flat scenario. It also means you have to climb over your neighbor's foot rest to get into the aisle. If you are short like me you could likely end up hitting his feet or tripping and sitting on his feet as you try to climb over. Flight crew were young and particularly supercillious on this trip, being more interested in telling ordering you about than being hospitable. Our dinner was served with all courses on the tray including wine, water, salad, main course, dessert and bread...where is the choice of bread, the wine poured from a bottle, dessert coming after dinner tray is removed...on other airlines, that's where. All that was missing was cling film wrapping and it could have been a lunchable box. The chicken tikka was nice though. Breakfast was a choice of egg and cheese triangle or peameal bacon sandwich. I only knew it was egg from the menu, it tasted awful. The croissant was dry but I ate it as I needed to eat something. My companion had the bacon sandwich and couldn't eat more than a mouthful. What has happened to BA. Is it the Toronto route? I last flew business on the New York/LHR route and it was much better..though the ridiculous seating design was the same.
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