Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 800 seat review by Teacherteacher #32918

4.5 of 5
Seat 52G
From LAX
Detailed ratings
Legroom 5 of 5
Seat width 4 of 5
Seat recline 3 of 5
Entertainment 5 of 5
Food & drink 5 of 5
Service 5 of 5
Noticeably more legroom than other trans-Pacific carriers. Even with a bag under the seat ahead, legs can still stretch out completely. While eating, I did not hit the seat ahead of me even once with my knees or anything else. The seat pocket holds quite a bit of extras but never impedes one's progress to the restroom. After 12 hours of flying, no cramping or limping to the arrivals hall. A pleasant flight indeed.
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