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FromToronto-Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToFort Lauderdale, FL-Fort Lauderdale/hollywood International (FLL)
Airtransat has recently expanded its fleet to include the worlds most popular plane. I anticipated a nice interior as they have just acquired these planes but was totally disappointed. The seat width and pitch are standard for this style of plane, 189 seats. It was fine. The interior was a disaster. A piece of seat trim on the left side of the seatback for 2a was missing with wires exposed. Also dirty as l got dirt on my left knee pant leg. My head set plug in was also broken with a loose contact causing only 1 ear to work. A large piece of trim for the overhead bin by 2 h was also loose and falling down. The flight entertainment movie also wasnt operating. Now the worst. A broken toilet seat,broken in half on oct 11 flight. I mentioned it to the staff. The same plane home on oct 18. Nothing fixed. The toilet seat pieces were held together with what appeared to be white medical tape. I have flown on many planes and this plane was terrible. Fly another carrier.
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FromOttawa - Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International (YOW)
ToCancun - Cancún International (CUN)
The Air Transat 737-800s we flew in both from Ottawa to Cancun and back were two slightly different versions of the same plane. I am 6' 1" and the knee room was barely adequate. In the first version, the magazine holder had been cleverly moved up to behind the headrest to provide a fraction more knee room. On the version returning home, the magazine rack was in the usual place, compromising the already severely limited knee room. Our seats had absolutely no recline ability.

Our flight was delayed by 45 minutes because a computer in the cockpit had crashed. Once it was repaired, the flight data had to be reloaded.

Overhead storage was very large and easy to access. The cabin was relatively quiet and the lighting was good. Having three washrooms was a bonus.

In row 12, for some odd reason, there are no windows. There is no seatback entertainment, but a number of drop down screens so everyone had to watch the same movie.

Air Transat service was excellent and the landings on both ends were stellar.
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FromVaradero-Juan Gualberto Gomez (VRA)
ToMontreal-Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
Disaster, being disable, I had 2 people oversize (over 300 lbs) with me. So when they needed to go to the bathroom, imagine the acrobatic manoeuvre I had to do. They couldn't stand still in their seat. To avoid this incomfort because I had to lean in the alley to be able to have some comfort, and with people going back and forth for the bathroom, those people should buy 3 seats and lift the armrest. No more hot meal served, you have to buy everything at a very high cost for what you get. Nightmare, never again.
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FromHamilton - Hamilton (YHM)
ToHiguey - Punta Cana International (PUJ)
I have flown Air Transat for years. I now pay extra for emergency exit seating as the regular seats are too close together for leg room. This is common with all carriers. I have yet to experience a negative situation. I do not find the seat width an issue as much as the seat depth. 737-800's do not have the club seats you try out at Transat Travel Agencies so for a 6ft male adult, Regardless of the legroom, I spend the entire flight sitting only on my tail bone
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FromMontreal - Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
ToSanta Clara, Cuba
My family booked 4 seats with the Options plus add on. Row 5 had more leg room than row six, the width was the same. I am not a small person, but I felt comfortable in the seat with lots of leg room. The Options plus was worth it for the little extras like champagne, ear buds, travel kit and snacks, not to mention priority in line ups. The food was fresh too. Would definitely book with Air Transat again (especially over Sunwing).
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FromMontreal - Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
ToCancun - Cancún International (CUN)
This seat is a normal seat and has no extra width or legroom, even if it is in row 3. I am 6-0'' and the leg room was barely adequate. Other than that everything was ok, aircraft was clean, people nice and flight on schedule. I try to avoid Air Transat as much as possible and I will continue to do the same in the future. I always feel as if I do not have enough for my money.
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToRichmond - Vancouver Intl (YVR)
Supposed to be a Club seat by blocking the middle one of 3 ( 1B) but beware the seats are all economy and all no more than 17 inches wide. No seatback tv's' no IFE. Just drop down screens every 4 seats. Worst flight ever and not cheap!
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ToLa Romana
A real disappoint. No room at all. Guy in front of me insisted on reclining his seat. Couldn't move, not even to put the tray down. The food was surprisingly good and the service was top notch. Need to have more room!!
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToCayo Coco - Cayo Coco (CCC)
Plane was vey clean and comfortable.The inflight movie was terrible,the audio during the move had too much static and the video was not clear,again too much static poor quality.A better selection and variety for music with headset use.
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FromMontreal - Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
The personnel, especially mister Sanche our flight director, was great. A wee bit on the cattle class for space. IFE is almost non existent with an 8" screen every few rows.
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