Air India Boeing B787 Dreamliner seat review by Russell Ryan #27321

3.5 of 5
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Legroom5 of 5
Seat width4 of 5
Seat recline4 of 5
Entertainment2 of 5
Food & drink2 of 5
Service3 of 5
The seats are comfortable but can feel a little hard after a few hours, however, what really stands out is the amount of leg room. The distance from the edge of the seat to the magazine holder is 29cms, leaving approx 10-15 cms from your knees to the seat in front.
The other great feature is footrests are provided in economy. Each rest has a rotating massage bar which helps with relaxation and blood circulation.
The light and bright interior along with the redesigned sleek overhead baggage compartments helps relive that claustrophobic feel most airlines have. The quieter engines and air conditioning was a welcome relief. My skin and eyes were not as dehydrated as they normally would be on a flight.
The screens are large approx 24cm (w) x 17cm (h), however, the movie selection was poor. The latest releases were not really latest releases (eg Lincoln). The system did not offer any English music and games were very limited.
Under Hindi movies and audio there was a much wider selection and quantity.
Our flights overlapped months, however, despite the new October inflight magazine indicating new movies we were stuck with the previous months which we had seen.
The drink and meal service was lacking. Lunch 1 ½ hrs into the flight then a light dinner 7 hours later, with no snacks in between. I strongly recommend you take your own snacks as this is a 12 hour flight.
Overall, I enjoyed the experience and loved the fact you can fly direct Melbourne to Delhi.
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