Seat Map Air China Boeing B737 300

Seat map for Air China Boeing B737 300

Seating details

First Class40"21"8
Economy Class32"17.5"120

General presentation

As of December 2010, the Air China fleet operated 29 Boeing B 737 300 aircrafts, with no additional ones expected to arrive in the near future
With a length of 33.4 m (109.5 ft) and a wingspan of almost 29 m (95 ft), the Boeing B737-300 is capable of a cruising speed of 485 mph/780 km/h. Its maximum range is 4,204 km (2,627 mi), while the maximum speed is 544 mph/876 km/h. The service ceiling of this aircraft is 37,000 ft (11,300 m).
In flight services are free- drinks, snacks and meals. Business class seats feature a reclining angle of 170 degrees. The aircrafts have no individual TV screens, only the bigger screens at the front of each compartment. The new interactive entertainment system offers hundreds of movies and music selections, plus a whole range of online games. Multiple-system power connections are also available right at your fingertips.
The new first class seats are designed with three seating positions – Standard, Executive and Rest – to create optimal personal space. Greater comfort comes with these spacious luxury seats and they allow you to relax as if you were in your own home.

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