Seat Map Air Canada Airbus A320 200

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Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Business Class 37" 21" 14
Economy Class 32" 18" 132

General presentation

As of November 2010, Air Canada’s fleet operated 41 Airbus A320 aircrafts, with no additional ones expected to arrive in the near future.
With a length of almost 38 m and a wingspan of 34 m, the Airbus A320 is capable of a cruising speed of 828 km/h/511 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft. Its maximum range is 5,900 km/3,700 mi, its service ceiling 12,000 m/39,000 ft, and maximum speed 871 km/h/537 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft.
Power ports are available although an adaptor may be needed. There are 10 audio channels with complimentary headsets as well as main screen videos which offer feature films on flights over 3 hours and short features on flight over 1.5 hours. Executive class passengers have adjustable headrests, cushions and footrests, lumbar support and leg rest extensions as well as recline and massage facilities.
Snacks and a selection of beverages are offered on flights between 90 minutes and 2 hours, and also in flights departing after 10 pm. A fresh selection of meal items is available on flights of 2 hours or more, but not on flights departing after 10 pm.

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3.5 of 5

1235 Helpful votes
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Seat 2D
From Richmond-Vancouver Intl(YVR)
To Honolulu-Honolulu International(HNL)
Air Canada used to run two flights a day from YVR with 767 service. Unfortunately, the one carrying on to SYD with the more spacious seats was booked solid. So I ended up on the older -200 model configured for domestic service. Nothing wrong with the seat per se, but 5 hours with only 38" pitch did seem a bit excessive. Just as glad I wasn't in economy. AC has replaced its SYD service with a direct flight on its new 777 -- am looking forward to trying out their new J class pods one day soon.
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4 of 5
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Seat 25c
From Toronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
To Los Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
The flight was enjoyable, staff members were very polite and helpful. Movies up to date and of good variety. Leg space was good overall enjoyable. Would suggest however that you enforce the one carry on rule to avoid frustration for all. Also suggest that cabin crew start serving food from the back of the A/C once in a while this way the folks in the back could get their choice from time to time. Overall an excellent flight. Thank you.
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3.5 of 5

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Seat 12E
From Montreal
To Paris
Seats are comfortable in ancceptable way for a flight of 5-7 hours but not more. Personal entertainment system is not provided to coach passengers. They are well-mantained and have an acceptable amount of space between them.
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4.5 of 5
35 Helpful votes
Seat 1F
From San Francisco, CA-San Francisco International(SFO)
To Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International(YYZ)
Seat 1F has to be the worst seat in Executive Class. The pitch and seat width are fine but having to constantly reach forward for the touch screen IFE gets tiresome very quickly. Having some sort of footrest and preferably a lumbar support system would make the seat infinitely more comfortable.
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5 of 5
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Seat 3D
From Anaheim
To Richmond - Vancouver Intl (YVR)
First class on this plane is wonderful! Huge seats/lots of leg room to move around. Wonderful service my the attendants. Great good! overall: Perfect!
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