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As of mid-2010, the Air Algérie fleet has 5 Boeing 737-600s, with no additional ones expected to arrive in the near future. These planes can carry 85 passengers in a two class configuration – 16 Business class seats, and 85 Economy class.
With a length of 31.2 m and a wingspan of 35.7 m, the Boeing B737-600 is capable of a cruising speed of 514 mph/828 km/h. Its maximum range is 6,230 km (for the standard version, it can go up to 10,205 km for the ER version), while the maximum speed is 544 mph/876 km/h. The service ceiling of this aircraft is 41,000 ft (12,500 m).
Customized menus, as well as a menu for children, are available on request, as well as a selection of national newspapers and the Tassili magazine. Even more, you can buy onboard a wide range of perfumes , fragrances , tobacco and alcohols, all free of tax.

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