Seat Map Aeroflot Russian Airlines Boeing B777 300ER

Seat map for Aeroflot Russian Airlines Boeing B777 300ER

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Economy Class30-32"17.8"324
Comfort Class38"20"48
Business Class57"22"30

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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToMoscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO)
Flt was pretty good. When boarding there was two CSAs standing by asking passengers if they wouldnt mind checking your carry on luggage cause of overhead bins being full. I agreed HUGE MISTAKE!!! My luggage was misplaced for three days. When you walk on board you are greeted with a smile and a Russian hello! And asked to see your boarding ticket even if you know whère your going your still directed down either isle. Youll find in coach a pillow and washed and warpped blanket in each seat. The in flt entertainment doesnt start until push back from the gate. However the touch screen in front of me was a bit hard to use while seaching from movies and other things which made it annoying. After take off youll receive an eye mask and slippers to use but, I found it odd the the company still used the two pronged headphone jack. Haha but they supply you with the hard plastic ones what start to hurt after awhile. The dinner and breakfast service was pretty good I had the fruit trays but the rest smelled good also. The restroom wasnt so clean and was a bit smelly. But again it was a pretty smooth 9+ hour flt with a few bumps here and there. However I didnt recline my seat out of respect to the older heavy set guy sitting behind me but im sure my seat reclined nicely.

Tablet wont let me upload the photos maybe I can when im back home and on the computer? Cheers
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ToMoscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO)
Leg room is too little, and water service could be increased 3 more times. No water bottle was offered, nor cups available for self-service in the break areas. No delay take off, and the arrival time is kept very well. Flight attendants seem to work very hard, and were very polite. Much better than what I thought originally.
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4.5 of 5
FromMoscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO)
This is a great section of the Plane - cost only 100Euro to upgrade. Foot rests and leg rests, and only 2 seats on the either side. Still a little cumbersome if over 6' Service was great and flight was without any negative issue. Would fly Aeroflot any time.
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