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The Airbus A321 is one of five aircraft used for medium-haul flights in the Aeroflot fleet. It has a total capacity of 170 seats, 28 in Business class and 142 in Economy class.
Top class passengers will enjoy ergonomic seats with built in power points on board Airbus A319s, A320s and A321 on flights lasting over 5 hours. Travel sets are given to passengers, which, depending on the length of the flight, provide extra comforts such as slippers, eye-masks and ear-plugs for business class passengers or an eye-mask and refreshing towel for economy class passengers.
Children and babies are provided with travel kits on all flights over 3 hours no matter what class.
Seats on rows 7, 19, 31 (ABEF) have limited reclination.

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FromMoscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO)
ToParis - Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
A bit delayed but all around was good flt
no entertainment so bring your own
you had a choice of pancakes oats or omelet (omelet was pretty good fyi im a very picky eater just saying) but after a few mins into the omelet my fruit tray that I ordered arrived. Lol guess if you have a special order you have to wait.. oh well!! They both were good.
seat to me was good for the 3+ hour flt.
down fall that I had was my carry on bag that needed to checked didnt not arrive with me and I had to wait three days to get it back tightly super wrapped in plastic. When talking to the lost luggage CSA she promised they would deliver it to me that same day. WRONG three days later I had to go pick it up at some express mail serive place in the middle of no where. Good thing I had a car.

Have photos but cant upload with my tablet maybe later
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2.5 of 5
Good service.
Seats were comfortable.
No entertainment.
Poor food.
If you are not hungry I recommend this airline.
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