Seat Map Aeroflot Russian Airlines Airbus A320 200 Config.1

Seat map for Aeroflot Russian Airlines Airbus A320 200 Config.1

Seating details

Business Class38"21"20
Economy Class30-32"18"120

General presentation

The Airbus A320-200 is one of five aircraft used for medium-haul flights in the Aeroflot fleet. It has a total capacity of 140 seats, 20 in Business class and 120 in Economy class.
Top class passengers will enjoy ergonomic seats with built in power points on board Airbus A319s, A320s and A321 on flights lasting over 5 hours. Travel sets are given to passengers, which, depending on the length of the flight, provide extra comforts such as slippers, eye-masks and ear-plugs for business class passengers or an eye-mask and refreshing towel for economy class passengers.
Children and babies are provided with travel kits on all flights over 3 hours no matter what class.
8-9 ABC DEF These seats do not recline.

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4.5 of 5
FromMoscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO)
ToFrankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)
Avoid the lounges in the old part, one of the worst while the one in D is OK. Bording announcement much too early, caused 15 min waiting at the gate. Staff friendly, seats are short houl versions and if the seat in front is reclined not much space to step out. Food was good and service very attentative (much better than years ago!). You get a small tablet to watch movies. Flight arrived 15 min ahead scheduled time. Priority luggage came mixed with general luggage. All in all a good option as seats and service are better than Lufthansa.
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