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Business Class22"23
Economy Class17"248

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As of late 2010, Aer Lingus has 3 Airbus A330-200s in its fleet. These planes have a two-class configuration, with 24 Premier class and 248 Economy class seats available.
With a length of almost 59 m and a wingspan of about 60 m, the Airbus A330-200 is capable of a cruising speed of 871 km/h/537 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft. Its maximum range is 13,430 km/8,340 mi, its service ceiling 12,527 m/41,100 ft, and maximum speed 913 km/h/563 mph at 11,000 m/36,000 ft.
On all our long haul flights, a delicious meal is served free of charge. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages can also be provided on request, at reasonable prices.

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FromDublin - Dublin (DUB)
ToChicago - Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
This isn't the first time using Dublin, Aer Lingus and the US Pre-clearance, but it was the first I used the automated entry machines, easy to use but for some reason the CBP guy did the whole finger print thing again when I handed the recipe from the machine to him, the CBP seem to be doing this with everyone.... it seems a waste of time having the machines.
As for the flight the experience was ok, my only criticism was the seat, I found it very uncomfortable after a few hours, the base had no cushion worth speaking of on it, all the seats are the same in economy, it is like sitting on a park bench, I had a muscle on the back of my left leg hurting for a day or two after the flight. The food was ok, as was the service from the crew, I wasn't impressed with the entertainment but that is probably just me. If the seat base had been better the whole flight would have been close to 100% (if flying economy can ever be described that way)

As I only have hand luggage the plus side to flying from Dublin and the using the pre-clearance is that 5 minutes from leaving the plane you can be out of the terminal and on your way.

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FromNew York - John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
ToDublin - Dublin (DUB)
Check in was satisfactory compared to previous journeys I've taken with "world class" airlines such as Delta; Singapore; Emeriates; Ethiad; Turkish and British Airways.
The cabin was dull and there was nothing of interest. I was very disappointed. I was expecting more for the cost of the ticket. Aer Lingus seriously needs to re-think it's cabin interior. I was disgusted when I entered the lavatory. It was of economy standards and looked ghastly compared to the first class lavatory on Emeriates. At this stage of the flight, the food was as I expected; inadequate and unacceptable. I was promised "luxury dining", but I received the contrary. The seat was cramped making an uncomfortable overall flying experience. Thankfully, the flight stewards were very professional greeting me with a smile the moment I stepped on the plane. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire flight and the service was great. The uniform may need to be updated though. If only we could transfer the stewards to a better company.
I will not be travelling with Aer Lingus in the near future and I will not recommend Aer Lingus to any of my colleagues. Issues with the cabin and food need to be dealt with right away and until these changes take place the first class flying community will be utterly disappointed with their time with Aer Lingus.
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FromDublin - Dublin (DUB)
ToChicago - Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD)
This seat (EI-GCF) was 100% better than the seat on Config 2 (EI-EIL and EI-EIK). The IFE is the World class IFE I remember from 2016. Touch screen excellent, headphone jack and USB port right up front, more power under seat. An almost endless selection of movies, and you can look through what they have on your flight on the Aer Lingus Play app.

Seat was comfortable. Like most any seat, if you sit too long it gets uncomfortable, but I was able to fall asleep during the movie, so it's not half bad. It could be wider for me, but since my son sat next to me, I didn't stick too much out in to the aisle.

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FromSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
ToDublin - Dublin (DUB)
Coach seats are far too close, people in front immediately put seat back as far as possible making it impossible to pick up my kindle when it slid on the floor. The entertainment on my seat not working, steward gave us a free drink (only when we asked) as compensation for 10 hours of staring at back of a seat. Food was no better than gruel, chicken in a mushy rice. The air coach from DUB airport is more comfrotable. Horrible but only choice if you want non-stop from SFO to DUB.
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToDublin - Dublin (DUB)
I really liked the seat configuration near windows in economy. Two seats per row means less worry when you have to get up from your seat use the bathroom. Staff was friendly and my choice of the shepherds pie was pretty tasty.
In terms of comfort, seats were not too comfortable for sleeping as seat depth fell a bit short and width. There was however space to stretch my legs slightly. Good mood lighting for resting.Great inflight entertainment behind each headrest and my seat had a wonderful view. Overall, I had a pleasant flight
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FromBoston-Logan International (BOS)
ToDublin-Dublin (DUB)
I opted for an exit seat, which Aer Lingus provide at a small extra cost. I am fairly tall, so this was a good opportunity to make sure I got this extra legroom. The journey was as pleasant as possible on an airplane.
Being at an exit, the table is folded into armrest, so the seat is a bit norrower than the standard seat.
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FromAmsterdam - Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS)
ToToronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
Average seat, had a low sodium meal, good quality. Service was very good with the flight stewards being kind and attentive. Had enough place for my feet and sat comfortably. Even fell asleep on the upright positioned chair. Only minus was as soon as the person in front of me reclined her seat it was hard to get out of my seat.
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FromBoston - Logan International (BOS)
ToShannon - Shannon (SNN)
The seats were so narrow and as soon as the person in front reclined I was barely able to get out of my seat. Tray too close so couldn't open it properly. Food on the way was good on the way home not so good. Service was very good attentive and polite. Biggest complaint was the small seat for a 6 hour flight.
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FromE Wenatchee
On a night flight of nearly 9 hours, attendants came around ONCE with offer of water! This led to dehydration and severe jet lag which interferred with my enjoyment of Edinburgh. I was rather appalled. I was also very disappointed that wifi came with a cost. It should be free! I also found the attendants rather cold.
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Had a pleasant flight on an aisle seat. Enough legroom for a tall person like myself, evening meal service and bkfst was very adequate. Flight staff was very courteous and helpful. My only concern was the noise level of those giant engines.
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