Xtra Airways review by #32012

I flew on a Boing 737-800 from DTW to PUJ on 2/13/2017. This was a Xtra Airways charter flight through Apple Vacations. I sat in seat 2C. I paid extra for this seat because the legroom. There would have been plenty of leg room for me except for the fact that the bracket for the seat in front of me was 1/3 into my space. This meant that a person like me, who is 6′ 3″, could only put one foot under the front seat while the passenger in 2B had more room to spread his legs out more comfortably under his front seat. And with the seats being only 16″ wide, a person like me who weighs 340#, had to sit with his arms folded the whole flight, because I had to consciously aware of the small space I was allowed, while the passenger in seat 2B sat comfortably with his arms by his side.

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