WestJet Covid Rules

What measures has WestJet taken to ensure a safe flight?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WestJet implemented the Safety Above All hygiene program, reinforcing hygiene measures in a layered framework of safety measures to ensure passengers can continue to travel safely. Additionally, WestJet launched Travel Ready, a series of videos aimed to welcome you back to air travel and to ensure you are prepared with all the information you need to enjoy a safe return to the skies:

  • Preparing for your flight – check-in, check COVID-19 entry requirements.
  • At the airport – face mask policy, boarding requirements policy.
  • In the air – aircraft cleaning and sanitization.
  • Flexible cancellation policy.

Preparing for Your Flight

When you’re preparing for your flight, you should download the WestJet app so that you can check in and get your electronic boarding pass to limit contact points on your journey. Also, check for pre-departure emails from WestJet for the latest travel policies and updates.

As some destinations require registration, COVID-19 testing, or quarantine, be sure to check entry requirements for each flight on your trip. You can check entry requirements by destination at westjet.com. As these requirements may change while you are away, you should also check them before returning home.

At the Airport

WestJet’s face mask policy requires you to wear a mask at all times in the airport. When traveling within or from Canada, Transport Canada requires that all passengers, 6 years of age or older, cover their nose, mouth, and chin with a mask or face covering during travel. Children under 2 are not required to wear a mask, but children ages 2 to 5 are encouraged to wear a mask (mandatory when traveling to/from the U.S.).

When traveling by air, passengers are required to wear a mask at Canadian airport screening checkpoints (however, in many Canadian airports, masks are mandatory in all public spaces), during boarding, at all times during the flight (you may momentarily remove your mask if you’re actively eating or drinking), and when instructed to by a crew member. Passengers who do not comply face penalties, including denied boarding and the suspension of travel on any WestJet aircraft for up to one year.

At the airport, WestJet put in place enhanced cleaning practices and physical distancing measures. Also, to reduce touchpoints on your journey, some airports now have new touchless bag-tagging stations. As extra-safety measures benefit everyone, you must respond to a health questionnaire required by Transport Canada at the time of boarding.

In the Air

You can travel with peace of mind knowing WestJet aircraft are cleaned thoroughly and frequently. From fogging to disinfectant wipes, WestJet implemented over 20 new processes and measures across your journey.

A new cleaning procedure, called fogging, thoroughly disinfects the entire aircraft interior using a hydrogen peroxide-based solution cleaner. WestJet aircraft are more extensively and more frequently cleaned with aviation-approved products, including Sanicide and Celeste 8500, and two additional disinfecting products, hospital-grade Clorox Wipes and Spray, to ensure all guest contact surfaces are thoroughly disinfected. Upon boarding, you will receive a sanitizing wipe for any surface you wish to wipe down.

WestJet aircraft circulation system relies on hospital-grade HEPA filters to introduce fresh air every 2-3 minutes and capture and filter 99.99% of all airborne particles, so you can breathe easy as you fly with WestJet.

Flexible Change or Cancellation

WestJet relaxed its change and cancellation policies to make it easier to manage travel impacted by COVID-19. If you book a WestJet flight before August 31, 2021, and your travel plans change, there’s no fee to change or cancel flights under the following conditions:

  • The fee waiver for changes or cancellations applies only one time.
  • The request for change or cancellation must be made more than 24 hours before departure. Standard fees apply for changes or cancellations within 24 hours of travel.
  • For canceled flights, the value will be returned as a Travel Bank credit, valid for 24 months from the date the flight was canceled.
  • If you change your flight, the fare difference applies. The difference will be returned as a Travel Bank credit if the new fare is less.

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