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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToQuebec city
Family of four thrilled to take their first trip since 2019 and felt confident it was relatively safe at this point in the pandemic. We had flight credits which is why we flew to Quebec city rather than to drive. Easy boarding and lots of available overhead space for carry-on luggage. Be aware seats are very tightly spaced. We are not tall so we had enough leg space. No one in the family is over 5ft 7 inches so we were fine. But you would be cramped if you were over 6 feet or larger than average build. Not a lot of elbow space to share either. We did receive water and pretzels on this flight which was nice. As it was only one hour and 20 minutes we were fine. Noise from propellers was certainly more noticeable then engine on a larger plane. We were right on the wing seats. Nice to see but good to have EarPods to block some noise. No movies or music entertainment options other than what you had on your own device, however this was a short flight so no problem. This was definitely more adventure and better than driving for my family 10 hours to Quebec city.
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FromCalgary, AB - Calgary International Airport (YYC)
ToVictoria - Victoria International (YYJ)
No one seat is better than any other onboard. They all have the same personal space, except for maybe the emg exits.
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FromDhaka - Zia International (DAC)
ToSingapore - Changi (SIN)
Too much boring, no amusement, low quality in cabin service of Regent Airways.
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
Plane was new and clean.. We had Premium seating and the seats were lovely. Check-in was excellent. Then it went down hill from there. From Toronto to Liberia the Stewardess was inattentive, Apart from being asked what we wanted to eat & drink as a breakfast meal she never came around again. She allowed passengers in standard seating to use the Priority toilet so there was a constant stream of people from the back of the plane. She did not check that our seat belts were on and luggage stowed under the seats before landing. The breakfast meal was horrible - rubber omelette. I would like to comment on the coffee but I wasn't offered any.
On the flight back to Toronto the Steward was very good and did everything he should have done. He made it clear that the toilet at the front was for the Premium passengers only. The meal was also better.
WestJet should take a leaf out of Air Transat & Air Canada's
books when it comes to meals and the added touches they give tor the folks who pay extra to fly Premium. When we boarded in Toronto there was a tiny bottle of water at our seat. On boarding in Liberia (in the heat) there was absolutely nothing. We were never offered pillows or blankets. Also, unless you had an iPad there was no way to watch any entertainment. Unlike Air Transat & Air Canada who provide you with these things.
It is my understanding that Premium passengers luggage comes off the plane first. Arriving in Toronto on December 21st.our luggage was among the last few to reach the carousel.
Note: I fully expect the above comments will fall on deaf ears.
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FromCalgary, AB - Calgary International Airport (YYC)
ToCancun - Cancún International (CUN)
Very comfortable
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FromToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
ToThunder Bay - Thunder Bay (YQT)
Flew reverse flight week before. This flight almost two hours into the wind Deicing rules in effect. Too long a flight for this type of plane. But it’s only way WestJet flies from YQT, so there it is.
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FromToronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
ToMontreal - Montréal-pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
Flight was fine for the short journey.Information messages weren’t easy to understand as they were rushed and garbled.
The staff at the gate were pleasant and helpful.
The gate was a very long walk from my international arrival gate
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FromGatwick, UK
ToToronto - Toronto Pearson International (YTO)
We chose these seats in advance for a fee so that we were fairly near the front and sitting together. I like the leather seats and the fact that each row has 2 seats at the window, 3 seats in the middle, 2 seats on the ther side. The middle bathroom is roomy compared to many other planes’ toilets. We didn’t use the entertainment streaming service. Staff were very helpful, especially when my husband had a sort of panic attack.
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ToCalgary, AB - Calgary International Airport (YYC)
Great all around. The plane being a Dreamliner is new as are the pods in business section. I was flying Westjet and can’t say enough on the courtesy and efficiency of the flight crew
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FromCalgary, AB - Calgary International Airport (YYC)
ToVictoria BC
We are traveling together and waited until 24 hrs before our flight to try to pick seats. We were assigned seats 19C and 19D which on the opposite side of the plane. We tried to get seats 16 but when we did after the 24 wait WestJet wanted to charge us $56 so have had to take what was given to us. Will try tomorrow to see if we can sit together. Hope we get better seats on our flight home on a 737.
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