VIM Airlines flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet on VIM Airlines flights?

Only adult passengers may travel with pets on VIM Airlines flights. Dogs, cats, birds and other small domestic animals are accepted for transportation.

How can I transport my pet on VIM Airlines flights?

Pets may be carried in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage. On flights operated by Airbus A319 aircraft, animal transportation is possible only in the passenger cabin. Transportation of animals in the Business Class cabin is prohibited.

Traveling with Pets

Pets whose weight, including container, does not exceed 8 kg may be transported in the cabin, subject to payment of an excess baggage fee of 1,500 rubles per container (cage). VIM Airlines reserves the right to limit the number of animals carried on a particular flight. No more than three animals can be transported in the passenger cabin.

In the case of transportation of animals in the cabin, you must notify the airline at least 24 hours before departure. Upon check-in, the a passenger traveling with a pet is assigned a seat in the last row of the second compartment of the Economy Class cabin.

Pets whose weight (including container) exceeds 8 kg and is less or equal to 32 kg are carried only as checked-in baggage. The free baggage allowance does not apply to animal transportation (including container and food). For pets transported as checked baggage, VIM Airlines will charge an additional fee at the rate of excess baggage.

Only one adult animal or maximum two puppies or kittens under 6 months may be transported in a single cage. Dogs and cats should not be transported in the same cage. All animals should be accompanied by required documents.

Guide Dogs

A visually or hearing impaired passenger, upon prior agreement of VIM Airlines, may fly accompanied by his Guide Dog. Such passengers must provide the document confirming their disability and a document confirming the special training of the Guide Dog. Guide Dogs are carried in the Economy Class cabin free of charge and in addition to the free baggage allowance. The dog should have a collar and muzzle and be bound to the seat, near the legs of the passenger it accompanies.

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