Turkish Airlines seat reviews

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FromBeijing-Beijing Capital Int. (PEK)
flew in Premium Economy ( rows 11-20). everything was really good except the seat itself. obviously some old model business class seat - very hard on the bottom. some kind of a metal bar across underneath the seat cover towards the front, which you can feel. had to sit on two pillows all the time. hard to operate the push buttons for the recline and the feet support. the recline on the seat in front of me did not work at all, purser tried as well, but at the end the passenger took another seat. the service in this class is definitely very good, but the seats are not as comfortable as they should be. food is excellent!
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FromDublin-Dublin (DUB)
ToIzmir-Adnan Menderes (ADB)
I expected a lot more . I really hated everything about TA .
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FromOrlando-Orlando International (MCO)
ToIzmir-Adnan Menderes (ADB)
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I was a bit skeptical before flying turkish after reading many bad reviews on the forums. However, I would have to say that I am glad I flew. I am a US citizen and took this route as one leg of my trip. I had two kids and my wife with me. The plane is one of the most common that TK uses for its long haul flights alongwith A330. The seats are excellent, with good leg room and recline to 169 degrees. These are not "flat bed" seats as TK offers on their 777, however, these "lie flat" seats were very comfortable to sit on and also when it was time to sleep I easily was able to sleep very comfortably. I am % ft 6inch and sleep on my side, and even though the seat when flat slopes down, but you can easily adjust the foot rest to support your feet and that would "tuck" you well in the seat. The service was excellent, with 6 air hostesses for the 32 business class passengers. They were warm and elcoming. Some of them were not very fluent in english but were able to cater to the needs with out any problem. The food came in one main course, midflight snak (sandwiches) and one "light meal" at the end of the flight. The main course was served with an advance menu with passengers name written on the menu cards. Then there were three courses, served in a buffet style, including a choice of appetizers, meal and dessert followed by coffee and brownies. There was alcohol for the passengers, I am not sure what types as I do not drink. I would definitely recommend TK, especially the price we got for our route was half of the other carrier's business class!
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