Thai Airways International flying with babies

Are there any age limitations for the acceptance of infants on Thai Airways flights?

Babies have to be older than 7 days, and it is a must that the infant is entirely healthy because the flight can affect in a negative way its health.

When do I have to reserve a seat for my baby?

When your baby is 2 years old or older at the moment the trip begins, you have to purchase a ticket and reserve a seat for him/her.

Before the baby’s second birthday, you have to inform the airline that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap, so you can purchase an infant ticket for him/her; this means that you will benefit from the infant discount (75-100% off the full fare) because your baby will not have a seat. Those considerations apply to both domestic and international flights.

If you prefer, you can reserve a seat for your baby and bring your own baby car seat in the passenger cabin even if your baby is less than 2 years old. The airline will charge the price of a child ticket (a discount of up to 25% may apply). This baby seat must be certified by the country in which was manufactured and securely installed in the passenger seat.

Infants on Lap

With the aim of offering more comfort to passengers traveling with a baby on lap on international flights, Thai Airways makes available bassinets. THAI provides bassinets of 62-67 cm in length for babies who weigh less than 10 kg and are not older than 6 months. They can be adjoined to the bulkhead anchors.

It is very important to book a bassinet in advance. Because these are limited in number, the airline strongly recommends that passengers request them beforehand. The booking can be made through the reservations department not later than 48 hours prior to the flight’s departure.

Bassinets are provided free of charge because the airline understands the importance of having a comfortable flight. A very important detail to clarify is that, if the flight scheduled date or reserved service class changes, you must book these items again. So, please keep informed about this type of change.

It is important to know that you cannot seat with your baby in the exit rows because Federal Aviation Administration regulations state that all passengers sitting in the emergency exit rows must be older than 15 years old. Moreover, they cannot have a seat in the rows which are behind and in front of the emergency exit rows.


Infants without a seat have a baggage allowance of 10 kg (22 lbs). Additionally, a foldable stroller can be checked free of charge.


Thai Airways provides special meals for babies and children. The request has to be made 48 hours before the flight’s departure time. The airline offers that distinctive treatment, but, unfortunately, requirements for specific food or baby milk brands are not supported.

For the parents’ convenience and comfort, the aircraft toilets are equipped with fold-down nappy changing boards for changing diapers  (except Business Class on Boeing B787 9). Baby diapers are not available on board.

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