SunExpress flying with babies

How can I travel with my baby on SunExpress flights?

Babies up to two years can travel on the lap of an adult passenger (not entitled to their own seat). To ensure your baby’s safety on board, you can bring with you a car seat (list of accepted child restraint systems). The car seat can only be fitted in a window seat (except in the first row and rows adjacent to emergency exits), and you must inform SunExpress when booking your seats that you want to bring your child’s seat on board.

Does SunExpress offer discounts for children?

For infants (babies aged up to 2 not entitled to their own seat), SunExpress charges a lump sum of €15.99 on international flights and 25 TL on flights within Turkey.

For children aged 2 to 11 years, SunExpress offers a 25% discount for international flights, but no discount for domestic flights (flights within Turkey).

Traveling with Babies

By reserving in advance seats in the front row (€20 per seat one-way), you can take advantage of a baby cot. There is only one baby cot available on board, and it can be used only if your baby weighs up to maximum 11 kg.

Online/Mobile Check-in is not available to infants. SunExpress aircraft are equipped with baby changing tables, and the cabin crew can help if you need your baby’s milk or meal heated.

Infants have a baggage allowance of 20 kg on international flights and 15 kg on domestic flights (flights within Turkey). Pushchairs, baby buggies, travel cots, and child car seats are transported in the hold at no additional charge. SunExpress also offer free baby buggy service at several airports.

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